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Euan McColm: May apologists face harsh lesson in leadership

MODERATE Tories biding their time until the inevitable contest will suffer the same fate as Labour’s Blairites, writes Euan McColm.

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Pals act: Johnson puts his arm around Davidson after the EU debate at Wembley Arena in June last year. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/Getty

Euan McColm: Ruth Davidson needs to step in if Tories to be saved

Davidson will have to get involved in the leadership battle if only to secure her position in Scotland, writes Euan McColm

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Theresa May gives her speech at the Complesso Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Picture:  Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

Euan McColm: We’ll have to grin and bear May’s best of both worlds

THE Prime Minister’s Florence speech contained little to reassure Remainers, Leavers – or indeed EU negotiators 
in Brussels, writes Euan McColm

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Jacob Rees-Mogg's socially illiberal views might justifiably outrage many people , but he shouldn't be vilified for saying what he did about food banks. Photograph: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

Euan McColm: Why Jacob Rees-Mogg is right about food banks

The right-wing Tory’s praise for volunteers who help the desperately poor isn’t remotely the same thing as turning a blind eye to poverty, writes Euan McColm

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John Smith and Robin Cook at a Labour Party conference in Blackpool at a time when leader Neil Kinnock was fighting to make the party electable. Picture: PA

Euan McColm: Don’t expect branch office to save Labour again

For much of the 1980s, the Labour Party lost its mind. Unable to understand the appeal of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservatives, Labour believed that only a shift to the left would win over a sceptical electorate. Right-leaning tabloids caricatured the official opposition as “loony lefties”. This relentless ridicule was not always unjustified. The behaviour of some Labour councillors – in Liverpool, for example, where militants used taxis to deliver redundancy notices – was frequently appalling.

The fact that drug deaths in Scotland rose by nearly a quarter in 2016 compared with 2015 has reignited debate. Picture: Getty/iStockphoto

Euan McColm: Real reasons we failed to reform drugs policy

The constitution may have been an obstacle to reform, but it could also lead us to an enlightened approach that saves lives, writes Euan McColm

John Swinney with pupils from Bannerman High School, Baillieston, as they received their exam results last Tuesday. Picture: John Devlin

Euan McColm: Can fast-track teachers raise standards?

ALLOWING top graduates to bypass teacher training smacks of desperation rather than a concerted effort to improve on our shameful standards, writes Euan McColm

After the disappointment of Junes general election, the Scottish National Party need their fellow travellers to show some solidarity. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

Euan McColm: Yes army’s naysayers better step into line

Scottish independence supporters who attack the SNP’s strategy might reflect on where they would be now without the party, writes Euan McColm.

Blackford speaks during 
PMQs in the House of Commons. 
Picture: PA

Euan McColm: Above board and below the moral high ground

A promotion for the stepson of the SNP’s leader in Westminster is symptomatic of why the party has lost its mojo, writes Euan McColm

Queen Street Gardens. Picture: Phil Wilkinson/TSPL

Euan McColm: open Edinburgh’s private gardens to the public

Capital has plenty of open space in the city centre, but all too often it’s only for those who can afford it, writes Euan McColm.

Nicola Sturgeon celebrates her 2015 landslide with SNP MPs at South Queensferry in front of the Forth Bridge. Picture: Jane Barlow

Euan McColm: 59 ‘by-elections’ to dictate Britain’s future

THE fortunes of the nationalist candidates on 8 June may prove more significant than who occupies 10 Downing St, writes Euan McColm

Salmond unveils a painting of himself by Gerard Burns at The National Gallery of Scotland. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

Euan McColm: Election turns Sturgeon into image of Salmond

The First Minister will become as divisive a politician as her predecessor in the battle to hold on to her party’s seats in Westminster, writes Euan McColm

Yes supporters appear to enjoy referendums more than their opponents. Picture: Andy Buchanan/Getty

Euan McColm: Mind your language should be indyref2 watchword

UNLESS both sides of the constitutional debate exercise self-restraint the next vote risks becoming more divisive than the last, writes Euan McColm

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his deputy, Tom Watson, who has accused supporters of the leader of plotting a left-wing coup. Picture: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty

Euan McColm: Labour fails to grasp the wonder of Woolies

It was always there, meeting my ever-changing demands. It satisfied my cravings for sugar and 7” singles, it supplied a cutlery “tree” for my first flat, and it was the source of last-minute presents for elderly relatives.

Theresa May should give voters their say. Picture: Getty

Euan McColm: May should give voters their say with early election

IN pressing on with Brexit despite having no personal mandate to do so, the Prime Minister is wrong both in principle and in political terms, writes Euan McColm

Tony Blair may be reviled by many former supporters, but so is the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images

Euan McColm: Why Blair speech heralds birth of a new party

Tony Blair had barely finished his speech when Labour “sources” stepped out of the shadows to underline its irrelevance. The reaction to the former prime minister’s intervention in the Brexit debate was, according to one member of Jeremy Corbyn’s team, “a collective shrug”.

Jeremy Corbyn was asked to comment on speculation that he planned to step down as leader. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty

Euan McColm: Jeremy Corbyn’s fake news ruse is straight out of the White House

The Labour leader’s bid to discredit journalists is the hallmark of politicians uncomfortable with the truth, writes Euan McColm

Trawler men unload their catch at Peterhead fish market.. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Scottish fishermen fear Brexit bonanza will slip through the net

It’s been like a noose tightening around our necks for years,” says John Buchan, “and now we’re going to be free of it.”

Trump delivers his provocative inaugural address at the Capitol in Washingon DC. Photograph: Mandel Ngan/Getty

Euan McColm: ‘America first’ is a dumb example to follow

It was grimly compelling, wasn’t it? Donald Trump’s speech after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States was so ostentatiously awful, so devoid of class or statesmanship that one could only despair that this punk, this lousy huckster duped so many Americans.

Sturgeon still appears to put a second referendum at the top of her agenda. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

Euan McColm: SNP needs a long, hard look in the mirror

Its success at stifling dissent within its ranks has left the party clinging to policies that make no sense, writes Euan McColm

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