Bill Jamieson: Sturgeon setting sail without a rising tide

The SNP must pay heed to fears of small businesses before charting a new course towards indyref2, says Bill Jamieson

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US president Donald Trump meets German chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House. Picture: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Look beyond politics to the markets

Of all the geographic areas in which to invest, few would have dared opt for Europe in a year of potential political mayhem with elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy.

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There could be storm clouds ahead as the Scottish Fiscal Commission tries to clarify what conditions are likely to follow. Picture: Donald MacLeod

Bill Jamieson: Fiscal forecasting in a Force 10 gale

New statutory body has its work cut out to present economic figures that are not damned as ‘Project Fear’ says Bill Jamieson

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The Scotsman conference will focus on investment opportunities in a post-Brexit world. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Timely conference to steady investor nerves

In America, tumultuous times; in Europe, political volcanoes threatening to erupt; here at home investors battle with the imponderables of Brexit, rising inflation and the prospect of a consumer spending slowdown.

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Chancellor Philip Hammond prepares to present his budget to the Commons. Picture: PA

Bill Jamieson: ‘Spreadsheet Phil’ proceeds with caution

Chancellor offers little more than a holding statement ahead of the start of Brexit negotiations, writes Bill Jamieson.

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AAM boss Martin Gilbert would become co-chief executive of the combined group. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Bill Jamieson: Standard Life and AAM may not be Bon Accord

In proposing any £11 billion mega asset management merger between Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management (AAM), both sides believe they have an ideal solution for the challenges facing both companies.

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Bill Jamieson ponders the likelihood of a sharp stock market correction. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Fortunes won and lost in long-run game

Might we be approaching a tipping point – and potentially a Minsky Moment – with a sharp collapse in values in the US and UK stock markets?

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Many pensioners would like to downsize but are put off by the cost of moving and the scarcity of property. Picture: Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Myth of the great pensioner splash-out

Grey wealth might well exist, but uncertainty means the stashed cash may not be spendable says Bill Jamieson

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SVM Asset Management's Colin McLean says shareholder revolts seem 'less likely to fizzle out this time'. Picture: Steven Scott Taylor

Bill Jamieson: Groundhog day with pay rebellions

For all the claims to flexibility, adaptability and quick response to changing times, it is remarkable how obtuse the corporate world can be.

Support for yes isn a second independence referndum is at 50% according to new poll (Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Bill Jamieson: Holding indyref2 is a big risk for SNP

There comes a point when credibility is in question, and voters could react with contempt, says Bill Jamieson

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Investment Association (IA) figures last week showed the Brexit vote sparked a big sell-off in equity and property funds. Picture: Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: How panic saw funds lose a fortune

It’s Brexit Armageddon – run for the hills! Many investors did just that last year – and missed out on one of the best stock market rallies since the 2008-09 slump.

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Workers in Petrograd fighting during demonstrations in the Russian Revolution, 1917. Picture: Keystone/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Lessons of the Russian Revolution

There remain echoes of the tumultuous events of one hundred years ago in modern-day Russia writes Bill Jamieson

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Bill Jamieson asks whether fund managers should cling on in the hope of recovery, or cut their losses. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Standing by convictions comes with risks

A key attraction of collective management groups for investors is diversification of risk.

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The debate over Scotlands future is squeezing out discussion of what Brexit will mean in reality.

Bill Jamieson: who speaks for Scotland on Brexit?

Kirkwall in the Orkneys may have a small business community. But it is diversified, it is lively, well-tuned to concerns on the mainland and it has a voice to be heard in the great Scottish Brexit debate.

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Alliance Trust's 'orchestra' is not assembled on a single stage but is scattered round the globe, writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Erich Auerbach/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Alliance Trust assembles its orchestra

Those who have caught a snatch of contemporary classical music on Radio Three are often immediately struck by a sense of wild and tuneless cacophony: a sound comprising many notes but no identifiable theme.

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More than half of Scottish tourism businesses are confident about the next 12 months

Bill Jamieson: Mind the growing gap between north and south

Amid the Niagara of news and comment on Brexit, a worrying trend is slipping by with little discussion: the growing disparity in economic performance between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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Nicola Sturgeon has upped the ante over Brexit but may have been better advised to have stayed her hand. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Bill Jamieson: Nicola Sturgeon’s credibility on the line

Leaving the single market will require adjustment but talk of an economic “catastrophe” is over the top says Bill Jamieson

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'Some selective profit-taking may now be in order,' writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Picture: Sang Tan/AP

Bill Jamieson: Time to cash in after the market surge?

After the stock market surge of recent weeks, who is not tempted to lock in some gains and cash in?

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The FTSE 100 closed above 7,200 for the first time ever last week. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Time for investors to take stock of gains

Political trends, we are now told with all the light bulb excitement of a eureka moment, are governed more by our feelings and emotions than thoughtful reflection of facts and statistics.

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2016 saw the UK vote to Leave the European Union. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Bill Jamieson: Predictions for 2017? Rule nothing out

Look at the disruption of the past decade and realise just how bad we are at crystal ball gazing, writes Bill Jamieson

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