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Bill Jamieson: There is real appeal behind ‘Moggmentum’

History has shown plenty of examples of popular wisdom being wrong and the rank outsider winning, so don’t write off Jacob Rees-Mogg just yet says Bill Jamieson

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The war of words between Washington and Pyongyang has rattled investors, writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: August is a wicked month for market wobbles

Why does it always happen in August? The world is on holiday, fund managers stretched out on the beach, investors relaxing and barely a cloud in the sky. But black clouds have quickly gathered. A storm is brewing.

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Tim Farron felt compelled to resign following criticism for holding orthodox Christian views, says Bill Jamieson.

Bill Jamieson: The myth of a tolerant, inclusive Britain

Our commitment to diversity has been found wanting, and suppression has taken a grip of society says Bill Jamieson

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'Even the most well-researched shares can spring nasty surprises,' writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Even the shrewdest investors can suffer a bump

In the stock market, no less than in Scottish weather, there are periods when it never rains but it pours.

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Bank of England Governor Mark Carney blamed Brexit for the gloomy outlook. Picture: Frank Augstein/PA Wire

Bill Jamieson: Hard to put faith in sizzling summer on the high street

Here’s a paradox with which businesses across the UK are having to wrestle. The latest figures show better than expected figures on retail sales and that consumer spending is holding up despite higher inflation and the continuing weakness in pay growth.

Opera plots are said to be too fantastical to be taken seriously, but La Forza del Trumpo is all too real - even in the 'post truth' age.

Bill Jamieson: Book now for La Forza del Trumpo

This fictional opera has an incredible storyline that seems far-fetched, but it’s unfolding in real life, says Bill Jamieson

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Dunkirk has been a hit at the box office. Picture: Warner Bros

Bill Jamieson: Leadership needed to win Battle of Brexit

The new film telling the story of the Dunkirk retreat has one strand that should be a lesson for the present day, writes Bill Jamieson

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No matter how small the amount, Bill Jamieson urges everyone to get into the savings habit. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Bill Jamieson: The virtue – and necessity – of saving modestly

We are on course, many believe, for another financial crisis, and with millions approaching it with no defences.

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Remainers seem determined to hold another election until the right vote prevails, says Bill Jamieson.

Bill Jamieson: call to halt Brexit insults 1 million voters

Why in Scotland do we need bother with elections? Does it matter what voters want? And who needs to show respect for their views?

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'Beware attempts to bully us into a cashless society,' urges Bill Jamieson. Picture: John Devlin

Bill Jamieson: Predictions of cashless society are premature

Two news items in the past week seek to eliminate notes and coin as a means of payment.

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The over-65s and over-85s group has expanded significantly and will continue to increase. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Bill Jamieson: Ageing population a problem bigger than Brexit

Economic and demographic trends including an ageing population are a much greater concern, says Bill Jamieson

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Picture: DANIEL SORABJI/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Short and long-term winners in investment field

STOCK market investment, we are constantly told, is a long-term game. And there is arguably no better current exponent of this truth than Scottish Mortgage Trust and its redoubtable manager James Anderson.

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Nicola Sturgeon inspects new offices in Glasgow. Picture: PA

Bill Jamieson: Scotland escaped recession, but can we trust figures?

GDP figures are a welcome boost but we must not read too much into them, writes Bill Jamieson.

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Bill Jamieson asks: 'Is this just a summer squall, or the start of a more serious correction?' Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Are we heading for an autumn market downturn?

For more than a year financial pundits have been warning of a market correction. One was widely forecast in the aftermath of the EU referendum. But instead the market quickly recovered, helped by the fall in sterling.

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Bill Jamieson says his faith in the UK's democratic system has been shaken. Picture: Westminster

Bill Jamieson: I’m no longer sure our democracy can survive

Nothing is as it was, nothing is as it seems, and democracy is the biggest victim, argues Bill Jamieson.

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Queen Elizabeth II during the Queen's speech. Picture; Getty

Bill Jamieson: Hung parliament has its benefits too

Instead of rushing into ill-considered legislation, we can now re-assess the effectiveness of existing laws, says Bill Jamieson

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Bill Jamieson believes a 'return to normal' for interest rates is by no means certain yet. Picture: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Where will interest rates go from here?

Is it good news at last for beleaguered fixed interest savers? The Bank of England has taken a big step forward towards a rise in interest rates from their ultra-low level.

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Scotlands economy is lagging behind the UK and is a growing threat to the countrys prosperity. Picture: Michael Gillen

Bill Jamieson: Scotland’s economy desperately needs growth

There is a danger in the next few years of drifting into more borrowing and debt than ever before writes Bill Jamieson.

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'It's a Brexit - but not at all as Theresa May imagined it,' writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Alastair Grant/AP

Bill Jamieson: ‘Just about managing’ after election

A “coalition of chaos”; “a dead woman walking”: the election outcome of a hung parliament and a government left teetering could hardly be worse for investors.

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A Conservative leadership contest is a strong possibility, with Boris Johnson a candidate to replace Theresa May. Picture: PA

Bill Jamieson: May’s mistake raises possibility of second ‘Brexit’ vote

Three huge uncertainties have now befallen what was already set to be a long, fraught and complex Brexit negotiation starting in ten days. First, who will be the UK Prime Minister over this 18-month period and who will comprise the UK negotiating team? Few would bet on Theresa May remaining as premier amid fevered speculation of another election as early as the autumn and pressure for big changes in the Conservative leadership.

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