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Bill Jamieson: Hung parliament has its benefits too

Instead of rushing into ill-considered legislation, we can now re-assess the effectiveness of existing laws, says Bill Jamieson

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Bill Jamieson believes a 'return to normal' for interest rates is by no means certain yet. Picture: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Where will interest rates go from here?

Is it good news at last for beleaguered fixed interest savers? The Bank of England has taken a big step forward towards a rise in interest rates from their ultra-low level.

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Scotlands economy is lagging behind the UK and is a growing threat to the countrys prosperity. Picture: Michael Gillen

Bill Jamieson: Scotland’s economy desperately needs growth

There is a danger in the next few years of drifting into more borrowing and debt than ever before writes Bill Jamieson.

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'It's a Brexit - but not at all as Theresa May imagined it,' writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Alastair Grant/AP

Bill Jamieson: ‘Just about managing’ after election

A “coalition of chaos”; “a dead woman walking”: the election outcome of a hung parliament and a government left teetering could hardly be worse for investors.

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A Conservative leadership contest is a strong possibility, with Boris Johnson a candidate to replace Theresa May. Picture: PA

Bill Jamieson: May’s mistake raises possibility of second ‘Brexit’ vote

Three huge uncertainties have now befallen what was already set to be a long, fraught and complex Brexit negotiation starting in ten days. First, who will be the UK Prime Minister over this 18-month period and who will comprise the UK negotiating team? Few would bet on Theresa May remaining as premier amid fevered speculation of another election as early as the autumn and pressure for big changes in the Conservative leadership.

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Prime Minister Theresa May, at work on her campaign bus, has come across as a leader prone to change her mind and retreat at the sound of battle, says Bill Jamieson.

Bill Jamieson: Election campaign has failed voters

Very little light has been shed on Brexit, indyref2 or the state of the economy during the last seven weeks, says Bill Jamieson

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'Investors should keep a sharp eye on the ratings of UK-facing companies,' writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Bargain hunters keep close eye on election

A slowing economy, a fractious election campaign, an evaporating Tory lead – and horrific terror attacks in our major cities: time, surely, for a stock market sell-off.


Bill Jamieson: Poll victory can still mean defeat for May

Theresa May set out looking for a 100-seat majority, but could end up in a worse position than before, says Bill Jamieson

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The People's Trust will invest in a 'social impact' portfolio managed by the investment arm of The Big Issue Group. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Bill Jamieson: Why People’s Trust may struggle to thrive

High-performance fund management with a social conscience twist: what could be more alluring for ethically minded investors?


Bill Jamieson: New security measures will become a way of life

The presence of troops on British streets is supposed to be temporary measure - but will they become permanent after we grow to accept the sight, asks Bill Jamieson.

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'Vanguard is going for the mass market of small retail investors,' writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Matt Morton/PA Wire

Bill Jamieson: Vanguard set to shake UK investment tree

Only rarely is that hackneyed phrase “elephant in the room” justified. But it is certainly so to describe low-cost US tracker fund giant Vanguard’s move on the UK small investor market.

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The Bank of Scotland could be untangled from Lloyds - but the question is whether this would be the best course of action now that the banking world has changed so much.

Bill Jamieson: Can the Bank of Scotland rise again?

Return of an independent, standalone Scottish bank would be popular, but time has moved on writes Bill Jamieson

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'How much further can investor enthusiasm run with tech stocks such as Amazon?' asks Bill Jamieson. Picture: Alex Hewitt

Bill Jamieson: Getting the momentum investing balance right

Not all that long ago, the conventional wisdom in markets was to be cautious of the crowd and to be wary of investing when everyone else was buying.

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Our lives have been dominated by election after election in recent years, with yet another due next month.

Bill Jamieson: Beware post-election depression

After the latest campaign reaches a climax, don’t be surprised if disaffection then follows disillusion says Bill Jamieson

'There is a growing apprehension that markets are due a correction,' writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Richard Drew/AP

Bill Jamieson: Are we due another equities cataclysm?

Few real life dramas have more captivated investors than the saga of The Big Short.

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An election defeat under Jeremy Corbyn could see Labour plunged into a new leadership crisis. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA

Bill Jamieson: Whatever happened to the great populist insurrection?

Despite the turmoil, there appears to be a gulf between the daily political outcry and the stolidity of voters says Bill Jamieson.

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Don't pile your portfolio into the same 'favoured few companies', urges Bill Jamieson. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Catch-22 situation for income investors

No matter what opinion polls may be telling us about likely election outcomes, investors have a keen sense of heightened risk.

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Channing Tatum in The Eagle Of The Ninth, about the search for Romes Ninth Legion

Bill Jamieson: Mystery of lost legion perplexes politicians

THE fate of the ‘economically inactive’ is a real enigma, as is the nation’s perceived shortage of skilled staff, writes Bill Jamieson

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Emigrants from the Hebrides boarding the 'Matagama' at Glasgow docks on their way to Canada in 1923. Picture: Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Are we a nation of quitters – or boiled frogs?

Polls saying Scots will leave in their droves if there is independence are exaggerated writes Bill Jamieson

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Bill Jamieson: Cruel awakening from indyref2 dream

Nicola Sturgeon’s Stanford promises sound fantastic but wait, haven’t we heard them all before asks Bill Jamieson.

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