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Bill Jamieson: A new market peak – but where’s the euphoria?

Doubts and worries are abound despite the performance of shares, writes Bill Jamieson.

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The launch of the eurosceptic Vote Leave campaign at the group's headquarters in central London. Picture:  STEFAN ROUSSEAU/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Please – a rest from referendums

Few developments in modern politics have been as seductive – and their outcomes more problematic – than the cry for referendums. Their appeal is popular and their outcomes surely compelling. Who would not wish for some divisive issue to be resolved by giving the people a vote through a national referendum?

UK 82
Jeremy Corbyns hard-Left Labour leads the Tories in the polls  and by the nose when it comes to policies. Picture: PA

Bill Jamieson: We should give thanks for capitalism

To misquote Churchill, capitalism is the worst form of economic system, except for all the others, writes Bill Jamieson

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Picture:  Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Bill Jamieson: The perils of sticking with passive investment

Should private investors stick with a favoured list of fund managers? After the turbulence and traumas that have hit the highly regarded Neil Woodford this year, loyal following can come at a price. Fashions change. Strategies can become outdated. And rare is the fund manager who remains consistently among the top performers decade after decade.

No crystal balls are required at the Scottish Fiscal Commissions new forecasting unit.

Bill Jamieson: Economic forecasters should proceed with caution

A body has been set up to produce independent projections of Scotland’s economic prospects. Good luck, says Bill Jamieson

Planning decisions provoke violent and unpredictable responses. Photograph: Kobal/Rex

Bill Jamieson: The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’s talking shop

MCLEISH’S mission to make the planning system inclusive and collaborative threatens to render it more labyrinthine than ever, writes Bill Jamieson

Scots helped to develop tea estates in Assam, northern India, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon as was).

Bill Jamieson: Let’s hear it for our Scots tea heroes

Holyrood questions over the sale of English tea ahead of a Scottish brand are on to something, says Bill Jamieson

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Have we weathered the economic storm, with rays of sunshine now being glimpsed asks Bill Jamieson.

Bill Jamieson: For once, the economy is better than the weather

Our well-being is in poor health, but three recent pointers give us cause not to be too downhearted says Bill Jamieson


Bill Jamieson: Home not always best for UK investors

The cry of investors looking for dependable income from their shareholdings has long been: “East, west, home’s best.”

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For Bill Jamieson, life is a boomerang, as he finds himself sharing his late fathers sceptical views 40 years on.

Bill Jamieson: Governments don’t live in real world

Having inherited his late father’s scepticism, Bill Jamieson wonders how the First Minister will fund her new programme for government

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'Payout cutters since 2014 have included such top names as Tesco,' writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Shining a light on income investment trusts

They may look alike, but beware of assuming all equity income investment trusts are the same.

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Big Ben may be silenced but the clock itself is still running  just like the one in Brussels over the UKs Brexit negotiations.

Bill Jamieson: Time and patience are running out as clock ticks on Brexit

Progress - or lack of it - in UK-EU talks has been depressing and could have serious consequences says Bill Jamieson

'Did these top fund managers fall victim to group-think?' asks Bill Jamieson. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Troubled times for fund manager Neil Woodford

Quite the biggest investor talking point has been the latest dramatic reversal of fortune for one of Britain’s most feted “star managers”, Neil Woodford.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and finance secretary Derek Mackay had reason to be upbeat over the latest GERS figures. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA

Bill Jamieson: Dark clouds hidden in GERS figures

Latest economic statistics offer relief for the Scottish Government, but it could be one step forward, two steps back with Brexit says Bill Jamieson

Going where the big beasts fear to tread could prove an advantage, writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Is investing success due to luck or judgment?

How much of success in the stock market is due to good luck rather than good judgment?

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The odds on Jacob Rees-Mogg becoming the next Conservative leader have tumbled from 50-1 to 10-1. Picture: PA

Bill Jamieson: There is real appeal behind ‘Moggmentum’

History has shown plenty of examples of popular wisdom being wrong and the rank outsider winning, so don’t write off Jacob Rees-Mogg just yet says Bill Jamieson

The war of words between Washington and Pyongyang has rattled investors, writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: August is a wicked month for market wobbles

Why does it always happen in August? The world is on holiday, fund managers stretched out on the beach, investors relaxing and barely a cloud in the sky. But black clouds have quickly gathered. A storm is brewing.

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Tim Farron felt compelled to resign following criticism for holding orthodox Christian views, says Bill Jamieson.

Bill Jamieson: The myth of a tolerant, inclusive Britain

Our commitment to diversity has been found wanting, and suppression has taken a grip of society says Bill Jamieson

'Even the most well-researched shares can spring nasty surprises,' writes Bill Jamieson. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Even the shrewdest investors can suffer a bump

In the stock market, no less than in Scottish weather, there are periods when it never rains but it pours.

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Bank of England Governor Mark Carney blamed Brexit for the gloomy outlook. Picture: Frank Augstein/PA Wire

Bill Jamieson: Hard to put faith in sizzling summer on the high street

Here’s a paradox with which businesses across the UK are having to wrestle. The latest figures show better than expected figures on retail sales and that consumer spending is holding up despite higher inflation and the continuing weakness in pay growth.

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