Atkins diet

Atkins diet

Debt-plagued Atkins slims down

THE firm behind the controversial Atkins diet has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US amid claims the low-carbohydrate food trend is falling out of fashion.

Diet giant Atkins in bankruptcy bid after business slims down

ATKINS Nutritionals, the firm behind the low-carb diet which split medical opinion, has applied for bankruptcy protection in the United States.

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On the rounds

THE DEBATE over the advantages of low carbohydrate diets - such as the Atkins Diet - and weight loss goes on.

Atkins effect on pregnancy under scrutiny

SCIENTISTS have launched a study to see if eating an Atkins-style diet when pregnant stresses the unborn child and makes it more prone to diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure in later life.

Sweet dreams of a new slimline start to the year

IT advocates the two things that most dieters avoid - eating at bedtime and ducking the gym.

Twinkies in bitter-sweet surrender?

THE biggest bakery business in the United States has filed for bankruptcy protection after the popularity of low-carb diets triggered a drop in sales.

Carbs or no carbs? How to survive in the diet business

TRENDY diets come and go - one minute the grapefruit diet was in, then it was the cabbage soup diet, now it’s the world-famous Atkins diet and basically anything that bans carbohydrates. But despite these fads and fleeting flash-in-the-pans, there are a number of diet programmes that have stood the test of time.

Is it over for Atkins?

WILL DR ROBERT Atkins’ diet theory finally be laid to rest alongside the world’s primary champion of steak and eggs?

Spiceless Atkins diet 'bores you thinner'

IT is the so-called "wonder diet" which has seen millions of people shed weight while eating fatty foods.

Easy Atkins may be the best way to diet

EATING vegetables, fruit, nuts and beans instead of white bread and sugary breakfast cereals could be the ultimate way to diet, new research reveals.

Atkins diet study planned

AN INQUIRY into the health implications of the Atkins diet is to be launched by the government as new research showed that such low carbohydrate diets could help women fight breast cancer.

Scientists to study why Atkins diet on everyone's lips

IT HAS become one of the most popular ways to lose weight, but critics have claimed the Atkins diet is a "dangerous, quick fix" that can lead to kidney damage, diabetes, heart complaints and depression.

Atkins 'threat to pregnancy'

WOMEN who strictly follow the Atkins diet could be damaging their chances of getting pregnant, new research showed today.

Health lobby hits out at low-carb diets

A NEW coalition of health groups appealed yesterday for dieters to cast off low carbohydrate regimes.

Kit Kats for Atkins fans .. at a price

LOW-CARB versions of some of Britain’s favourite chocolate snacks are to be produced - at four times the normal price.

Atkins diet has flour producers milling around

FLOUR millers still view the impact of the Atkins diet on their market with some apprehension in the wake of a fall in bread consumption in the US.

Finger pointed at Atkins for rise in cattle rustling

THE Atkins diet has been blamed for many things: kidney damage, high cholesterol, diabetes, even bad breath. Cattle rustling has now been added.

Atkins' widow in threat to critics

THE widow of diet pioneer Dr Robert Atkins has vowed to go after anyone who criticises the life or work of her late husband.

Healthy cereals make comeback in Atkins backlash

BRITONS are increasingly rejecting the low-carbohydrate Atkins diet and rediscovering their love of cereal as a way of keeping trim.

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