Asset management supplement

Asset management supplement

Time to move out of property

THERE is nothing like a sustained slump in the world’s equity markets to focus the investment industry’s collective creative energies. The result has been a rash of new products and a welcome turn in the spotlight for some older innovations that struggled to get attention during the equity boom.

Scottish financial specialists with proven track record

BY AND large, in the 1970s and early 1980s world class fund managers were to be found in New York or London. Today, Scotland has more than proved itself capable of attracting and retaining the best talent in the world. Baillie Gifford & Co, Scotland’s largest independent owner-managed investment firm, for example, counts all 10 of America’s top public funds and two of Canada’s top four funds among its international clients.

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Attracting the mass-affluent

WEALTH management is the ubiquitous buzzword that players from across the financial services spectrum now employ to cover the mass-affluent in UK society - those with £20,000-£250,000 in liquid assets, and especially the attractive 41-60-year-old market.

What’s in a name? Managers with a nose for strong returns

WHAT is asset management? Surprisingly, there is no immediate easy answer. The financial world does not speak a precise language. That could be part of its mystery, but it could also be because it does not really know how to describe what it does.

Never underestimate value of people power

WHEN the office or the factory closes at the end of the day or moves from one shift to another the vital assets of that organisation are on the move - right out the door.

Investment trends for the year: A view from Baillie Gifford

ROSS Lidstone, a partner with Baillie Gifford, points out that - for the UK in particular - the trend in these difficult economic times, is for institutional investors to appoint both an index fund manager, and specialist niche managers whose brief is to bring in higher rates of return by deploying their expertise within their particular niche sector.

Sector in Scotland still rising to the challenge

THE fund management sector has always been a key component of the Scottish financial services industry. However, in recent years Scottish asset managers have continued to consolidate their position, and that of Edinburgh and Glasgow, on a UK if not global stage.

Scotland’s upward path

THE latest fund management figures from Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) are to be published soon and they are expected to show markets stabilising after what has been a year to forget.

Encompys... Single point of access integrated, outsourced solutions for asset managers

ENCOMPYS is a service provider that offers asset managers a fully integrated, global straight through processing (STP) solution in a hosted environment.

Improving performance in a changing world

ASSET managers around the world are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver an impressive financial performance. In the last month, the media has reported "disappointing results" at Deutsche Asset Management and speculation that another of the top-10 global players, BGI, has been put up for sale with apparently low profitability being quoted by the media as a critical factor.

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