Xiang Silou: A Chinese block buster

Prepare your eyes for a treat, says JIM GILCHRIST, as the woodblock artist Xiang Silou brings his ‘incredible images’ to the Burrell Collection

Minghella's legacy for detective fans

A MAJOR TV series based on Alexander McCall Smith's novels is to go ahead, the author said yesterday, despite the sudden death of director Anthony Minghella.

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Sweet street music

WHEN IT COMES TO STREET credibility, Portuguese singer Dona Rosa is the real deal. Tales of talent plucked from impecunious obscurity may be a staple of showbiz lore, but few musicians have had it remotely as hard, for anything like as long, as this 51-year-old. Which lends her recent emergence on the world music scene all the gloss of a real-life fairytale.

Prairie home companion

HER HARD-FIGHTING, FAST-TALKING, Chicago-based private investigator, VI Warshawski, made her name, but Sara Paretsky has travelled as far away from the Windy City as you could imagine in her latest novel – to America's small-town Midwest.

Wolves at the gate

Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong, translated by Howard Goldblatt Hamish Hamilton, 528pp, £17.99

Book Worm

Uneasy truths

Meet George Pringle, the singer who looks on her career as an art project.

'The internet is like having a scrapbook I keep adding stuff to'

Pop fests get a niche appeal

As line-ups become more samey, it's the added extras that count at this year's pop festivals.

Where art and poetry collide


Films bring bygone Scotland to life again - video report

THE bride received the top- hatted wedding guests on the lawn of her family’s Irish castle, and the Scottish groom brought along his own pipe band, which followed the departing couple in a boat.

Film world grieves as Oscar winner Anthony Minghella dies, aged 54

THE film world mourned the loss of a towering figure last night after the Oscar-winning director Anthony Minghella died suddenly at the age of 54.

Film festival aiming to be Europe's arthouse base

EDINBURGH International Film Festival backers yesterday unveiled plans to establish it as Europe's leading platform for new independent film-making.

Film Festival gets a funding boost to bring date forward

THE Edinburgh International Film Festival has secured £1.88 million funding from the UK Film Council.

Highway to success?

Can an opera based on a David Lynch movie and performed in an intimate setting help to revive the flagging fortunes of ENO and the art form at large, asks FIONA MADDOCKS.

Alexander McCall Smith: Precious project:

His tales of a big-hearted Botswanan private investigator have delighted millions, but how would Hollywood treat The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency? Alexander McCall Smith recalls Mma Ramotswe's colourful journey from page to screen

A forecourt tragedy infused with dread


Best book website

AMAZON is king, but ahead of World Book Day tomorrow, here are five other great websites.

Opera house in the bush is author's musical miracle

IF YOU drive south from Gabarone, the capital of Botswana, until the houses stop and the bush begins, you'll find yourself passing a building that used to be a garage.

Curtain up on 15-minute operas as big names aim for the wow factor

THE curtain rises tonight on five new Scottish operas, whose creators run from the best-selling crime-writer Ian Rankin to the leading modern composer Nigel Osborne.

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