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Art reviews

Visual art review: Scottish Art 1650-2010 - Works from the City's Collection

Edinburgh's best-kept secret is out at last with a major exhibition that sheds new light on some of Scotland's finest artworks

Visual art reviews: Perpetua Pope | Philip Reeves

Recording the essence of reality rather than imposing self-absorbed narratives is a skill many contemporary artists lack, but two veterans of Scottish art still create work that speaks the truth

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Visual art review: Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition

From sketch books to scribbled notes, this year's RSA group show reveals how artists put their work together - and actually feels all the more unified for it

Visual art review: Narcissus Reflected

The Greek myth of Narcissus, long seen as a cautionary tale, was reclaimed last century by Surrealists as a way of analysing their own identity, gender and sexuality

Art review: Narcissus Reflected, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

Moira Jeffrey reflects on a group show examining the powerful influence of the Narcissus myth on surrealist art

Visual Art reviews: Manfred Pernice | Ulla Von Brandenburg | Jonathan Owen | Winston Roeth

There's no shortage of interesting ideas in Manfred Pernice's new show at Dundee Contemporary Arts - it's just a shame he hasn't distilled them into fully-formed works of art

Coburg House creatives prepare for Saatchi Gallery exposure

In the middle of a bashed-up wooden workbench, at Coburg House Art Studios in Leith, sits a milk-white Jammie Dodger with a transparent, blood red heart.

Interview: Claire Cunningham, dancer

TINY, pretty, and with a birdlike daintiness that completely belies her very dry sense of humour - in many ways Claire Cunningham is exactly what you'd imagine a dancer to look like.

Art review: Marcus Adams: Royal Photographer, The Queen's Gallery, Edinburgh

ONE of the things I do when I'm not schlepping around art galleries is teach journalism. This week we were talking about writing a newspaper column.

Art review: Christine Borland | Sam Ainsley & Roger Wilson

Christine Borland: Cast From Nature Glasgow Sculpture Studios ****

Art review: Claude | Cahun Perception | Jenny Mason

Claude Cahun Inverleith House, Edinburgh ****

Art review: Structure and Material, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

NOT FAR from Wakefield, in the kind of green, rolling, inhabited landscape that makes parts of rural Scotland seem as desolate as the moon, is one of the great treasures of British sculpture: the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Visual art reviews - Jeremy Millar: Resemblances, Sympathies and Other Acts | Lotte Glob: The Erratics

Though there's undoubted skill in Jeremy Millar's work, seeing it generally feels more like decoding a cleverly constructed puzzle than an aesthetic experience

Visual Art review: The Illustrators

A fascinating new exhibition celebrates the artists who help bring children's books to life

Visual Art reviews: Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World | Watteau: The Drawings | Modern British Sculpture | Watercolour | Jan Gossaert's Renaissance

The centuries of war waged in Afghanistan may have wrecked the country but its rich and diverse history has been preserved against the odds by its brave people

Art review: Artist Rooms, Jeff Koons

Artist Rooms, Jeff Koons Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh

Art review: Jeff Koons | RSA new contemporaries | Susie Leiper: The word on wood


China collection: A trip to the Maastricht art fair

At the world's largest art fair, Maastricht, the prices are high and the sellers are looking to the East

Art review: Claude Cahun/ Sue Tompkins, Inverleith House, Edinburgh

If they don't ring an immediate bell with you, the names Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore might somehow comically suggest a pair of French mime artists. In a sense that's what they were all their lives.

Visual art reviews: John Goto, Mosaic | Tony Swain, Afterwards in Pictures | Maximilian Zentz Zlomovitz, Rape Me

"In any conflict situation, photographs become loaded with meaning, but "truth" depends on where you stand"

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