Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I miss schnitzel and Mozart, says Arnold Schwarzenegger

Under fire back home in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is rediscovering the simple, gentler pleasures of Austria, the country of his birth.

Arnold Schwarzenegger love-child confession ends marriage

Arnold Schwarzenegger has owned up to fathering the child of a household employee more than a decade ago - a revelation thought to have prompted the break-up of his marriage.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger announces separation

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver have said they are separating "while we work on the future of our relationship".

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets all animated on life without politics

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his first post-political project at the Cannes film festival yesterday - an animated TV show called The Governator.

Interview: Arnold Schwarzenegger, US politician

HE ALWAYS said he would be back. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, has revealed he is set to make an imminent return to US politics after his term of office in the Sunshine state ends next year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for state welfare to be ended in California

CALIFORNIA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has compared his state's financial crisis to that of Greece and called for scrapping the state welfare system to close a $19.1 billion budget gap.

Prison officers look to oust Schwarzenegger from office

PRISON officers in California are threatening an attempt to oust governor Arnold Schwarzenegger through a "recall" vote similar to the one which brought him to power five years ago.

End blame game on climate change, Arnie tells the UN

RICH and poor countries must get over their disagreements about how to fight climate change and forge a new pact to replace the Kyoto Protocol, California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, said yesterday.

Arnie set to address Tory Party

CALIFORNIAN Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to address the Conservatives' annual conference.

Arnie sworn in for a second term

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger has been sworn in for a second term as California governor.

Arnie says 'I'm a man of the centre'

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger was sworn in for a second term as governor of California yesterday declaring himself a "centrist" beholden to no party.

Thigh'll be back in place for Arnie

CALIFORNIA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to the state for surgery after breaking his leg in an Idaho skiing accident over the weekend, his spokeswoman said.

Gervais wants Schwarzenegger

TV comedian Ricky Gervais said today he wanted Terminator actor-turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in a new series of his hit show Extras.

The Terminator gives Bush lesson in consensus

JUST 12 months ago Arnold Schwarzenegger could little have imagined that this week he would be re-elected in California having overseen a raft of his reforms.

Arnie in hot water over taped 'blood mix' remarks

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger, the California governor and film star, has been caught on tape calling Cubans and Puerto Ricans naturally feisty and temperamental because of their mix of "black blood" and "Latino blood".

Arnie acts on greenhouse gases

CALIFORNIA would become the first US state to impose a limit on all greenhouse gas emissions, including those from industrial plants, under a landmark deal reached by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative Democrats.

Blair and Arnie team up for climate action

TONY BLAIR speaks with Arnold Schwarzenegger after agreeing to work with the California governor to find ways to reduce greenhouse gases.

Schwarzenegger broke law, say police

CALIFORNIA governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle illegally when he collided with a car at the weekend, police say.

Schwarzenegger in bike crash

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger, the California governor, was back at work yesterday after a motorcycle accident that saw him receive 15 stitches to a cut lip.

Bike smash terminates Arnie's trip

CALIFORNIA governor Arnold Schwarzenegger received 15 stitches in his lip yesterday after he and his 12-year-old son were involved in a motorcycle accident near their home.

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