Anton Gecas

Anton Gecas

‘We stopped believing in God. How could he allow this to happen?’

SHADING his eyes from the light, Juozas Janos Aleksynas patiently explained why he went through with the orders to shoot Jewish men, women and children in the killing pits of Belarus. It was, he says, an act of kindness.

Nazi hunters seek extradition of Jew

THE prosecutors who sought and failed to put Anton Gecas on trial are attempting to extradite a Jew, living in Israel, on charges of murdering civilians during the Soviet era.

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Proof that should have jailed Gecas

AMONG the 2,000 or more yellowing pages of closely typed text, one word punctuates almost every paragraph. One name. Gecevicius.

Four years of slaughter that left 200,000 people dead

THERE were 240,000 Jews living in Lithuania when the war began, with thriving communities in the major cities and 200 small townships in the countryside around.

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