Antisocial Behaviour

Antisocial Behaviour

Teen gang terrorises city estate

GANGS of teenagers are terrorising a quiet city housing estate, with one street the scene of 13 attempted break-ins in a single night.

Horses help cut youth offending

A NEW approach to slashing youth offending has had dramatic results in the Lothians – using horses.

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Springside: 'It is reassuring to hear that work will not stop'

IT IS a worrying sign of the times that the Springside development appears to have run into difficulties.

Police say no to late night Starbucks service

A BID by coffee giant Starbucks to create the city's first 24-hour cafe looks set to be knocked back after police chiefs raised fears it would attract antisocial behaviour.

Gates lock out drunks as town gets tough

DRUNKS are set to be locked out of parts of a Lothian town centre with automatic gates operating on a time lock in a bid to crack down on antisocial behaviour.

Minister slammed for ignoring plea for action on party flats

MINISTERS have been accused of failing to understand the nightmare of neighbours plagued by drunken revellers in "party" flats.

Asbo for mother whose loud rap 'shook neighbours' walls'

A WOMAN whose loud rap music made her neighbours' lives a misery has been hit with an Asbo.

Asbo blitz on teenage terrors

POLICE are seeking antisocial behaviour orders against 29 teenagers accused of waging a campaign of terror in a Lothians town.

Vandals hit ten cars in acid attack

VANDALS have used acid to attack a street full of cars in an Edinburgh neighbourhood.

Police to make presence felt in blitz on underage drinkers

POLICE are to scour bus stops for underage youngsters carrying alcohol as part of a blitz on anti-social behaviour over the festive season.

Jailed gang thug brags: 'I stamped on his head'

A TEENAGE thug jailed for an "animal-like" attack on Spanish tourists on Princes Street boasted about stamping on his victim's head just days before appearing in court.

Neds: How gang feuds can end in death

THE police still don't know why Liam Melvin died. The facts surrounding his death are clear. The 17-year-old was stabbed and killed in the middle of a street confrontation between rival gangs on Southhouse Brae almost two years ago.

Career neds: Inside the minds of kids who cause trouble on Princes Street

'YOUR name is who you are. I've got a reputation for being hard and other people will come looking for me to prove themselves," says 18-year-old Sean Weir with conviction.

Notorious yobs' reign of terror in Princes St

A STREET gang is being blamed for terrorising Princes Street, carrying out violent assaults and dealing in drugs.

CCTV van to focus on antisocial behaviour

THE fight against antisocial behaviour has taken to the roads with the introduction of a £20,000 CCTV van.

Teen handed Asbo to give neighbours 'rest'

A TEENAGE girl who tormented neighbours with blaring music has been hit with an Asbo in a move aimed at giving residents a "well-earned rest".

New £100,000 look's sorted.. now what about the drinkers?

IT has been given a £100,000 revamp, but there's one fixture Edinburgh Council couldn't get rid of in Nicolson Square – the drinkers.

Unit steps in to tackle park's youth drinkers

DRUNKEN youths who use Morningside Park as a hang-out are to get visits from the council's antisocial behaviour unit.

Anti-yob wall 'too low'

A WALL built to keep out vandals from a school is too low to make a difference, locals have said.

Asbo teenager sits it out as penalty

THIS is Edinburgh's latest Asbo teenager Daniel Baird enjoying the new limits of his freedom after being banned from most of his neighbourhood.

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