Anti-war protests

Anti-war protests

Cornoner: army 'chaos' led to soldier's death in Iraq

AN ARMY logistics failure led to the unlawful killing of a British soldier in a roadside bomb attack in Iraq, a coroner ruled today.

Protesters set up war camp

ANTI-WAR activists were setting up an "illegal" camp in central London today, to protest about Government policy in the Middle East.

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Figurehead of US anti-war protest quits fight after losing everything

A GRIEVING mother who became the face of the anti-war movement in the United States has given up her three-year campaign, saying that it has cost her her marriage, health, savings, and faith in the American public and politicians.

War protesters target Labour hopefuls

LABOUR'S deputy leadership hopefuls went head-to-head in front of their voters for the first time yesterday.

Ex-MP joins fight to screen controversial war film

FORMER Linlithgow MP Tam Dalyell has backed a campaign to force the BBC to screen the controversial war film Tumbledown.

Westminster peace protest can continue, rules judge

THE anti-war demonstrator Brian Haw yesterday won his latest legal battle to maintain a long-running protest outside the Houses of Parliament.

Protesters welcome US citizens at consulate demo

PROTESTERS organising an anti-Guantanamo Bay demonstration outside the US Consulate in Regent Terrace today said American citizens were welcome to attend.

Protesters cleared of storming US plane

FIVE anti-war protesters were yesterday cleared of storming a US military plane after the court case against them collapsed.

Police arrest 12 women protesters at nuclear base

TWELVE women were arrested yesterday outside a naval base at the start of a year-long blockade. About 60 all-female demonstrators took part in the protest at the main gate of the Faslane nuclear submarine base.

Copter protest shows threat

CAMPAIGNERS were building a "flat-pack" attack helicopter on the banks of the River Thames today as they launched a report on alleged loopholes in arms controls.

Blair tribute amid Iraq war protest

TONY Blair unveiled a statue of Harold Wilson yesterday and paid tribute to him as "the first modern prime minister".

Anti-war protester vows to fast after police move in

BRIAN Haw, an anti-war protester, yesterday pledged to mount a fast after police virtually cleared his long-running demonstration from outside the House of Commons.

Court calls halt to war protest at Parliament

THE Government today won an appeal against a legal ruling which allowed anti-war protester Brian Haw to continue his long-running vigil outside Parliament.

Anti-war rally for city

CAMPAIGNERS concerned about the threat of military action against Iran are to hold a day of action in the Capital.

Iraq protest officer says US behaved 'like Nazis'

AN RAF doctor facing a court-martial for refusing a posting to Iraq said yesterday he believed the United States to be the moral equivalent of Nazi Germany.

Iran anti-war meeting to be held in city

A PUBLIC meeting to discuss ways of stopping the possibility of war in Iran is to take place in the Capital later this month.

'Grandstanding' Iraq protest officer rebuked

AN RAF doctor being court-martialled for refusing to serve in Iraq was rebuked by a judge yesterday for attempting to use the case to "grandstand" his ideas against the war.

Grans arrested under new anti-terror trespass law

TWO grannies have been arrested under Britain's latest anti-terror law.

Peace protesters attack BBC for 'bias' in Iraq war reports

ANTI-WAR activists yesterday demonstrated outside the BBC headquarters in Scotland to protest at alleged "pro-government bias" in the corporation's reporting of the Iraq conflict.

Rice booed in Blackburn

AMERICAN Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was booed by protesters today as she paid a visit to a school in Blackburn.

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