Anti Social Behaviour Orders

Anti Social Behaviour Orders

Asbo for mother whose loud rap 'shook neighbours' walls'

A WOMAN whose loud rap music made her neighbours' lives a misery has been hit with an Asbo.

Asbo blitz on teenage terrors

POLICE are seeking antisocial behaviour orders against 29 teenagers accused of waging a campaign of terror in a Lothians town.

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Asbo breach after furniture moved around

A NOISY neighbour has admitted breaching her Asbo by rearranging furniture in the middle of the night.

Teen handed Asbo to give neighbours 'rest'

A TEENAGE girl who tormented neighbours with blaring music has been hit with an Asbo in a move aimed at giving residents a "well-earned rest".

Major calls for licensing plan to stop pipers' Asbo threat

ONE of the Capital's best-known bagpipers has called for a licensing scheme for buskers after pipers on the Royal Mile were threatened with Asbos.

Asbos set for cost review

TEARAWAY youngsters would no longer face Asbos after it emerged they cost £500,000 each.

Asbos 'not effective' in curbing disorder

MORE antisocial behaviour orders were breached by offenders in Lothian last year than the number handed out by the authorities.

Asbo for 'defending right to sleep'

A MAN has been hit with an Asbo after wiring together a vacuum cleaner, television, radio and stereo to produce the sound of a "jet landing" and annoy his neighbour.

Buskers are told to pipe down or get an Asbo

BUSKING bagpipers have been banned from the Royal Mile and threatened with antisocial behaviour orders if they return.

Swearing and loud music leads to Asbo

AN interim Asbo has been granted against a tenant after he was alleged to have played excessively loud music and shouted and sworn at his neighbours.

Police fine 80 offenders forcausing a wee spot of bother

MORE than 80 people caught relieving themselves in public in the Lothians have been hit with on-the-spot fines for antisocial behaviour in the last six months.

Asbos alone do not work

AN URGENT review is needed into the use of Antisocial Behaviour Orders on children, according to a report out today.

Asbo crackdown to end tenants' party noise

THREE tenants in the same street have been served with antisocial behaviour orders following complaints over noise and late-night parties.

Kaiser gets banned for life from city centre

THE man known as Edinburgh's "King of the Beggars" has been banned for life from streets in the city centre after terrorising shoppers and store workers.

Nanny state or useful tool? Can you teach people to be parents?

THE concept of robot babies and state-sponsored classes teaching us how to raise our children is about as science fiction as can be. This concept is not from the pages of George Orwell or Aldous Huxley, though. It is the next step in an initiative by East Ayrshire Council to implement positive social change in the region.

Bag-snatcher banned from 40 streets

A SERIAL thief believed to be responsible for almost one in five bag snatches in the Scottish capital has been banned from almost 40 streets in the city centre for two years in a landmark anti-social behaviour order ruling.

Thief gets 2-year city-centre ban

A HANDBAG thief was today banned from entering Edinburgh city centre for two years under the first Asbo of its kind in Scotland.

Question mark over role of ASBOs

GLASGOW'S antisocial behaviour "tsar" yesterday questioned the value of ASBOs as official figures showed the city council has not sought a single order in three years.

Retired farmer is given ASBO over dumping of excrement

A RETIRED farmer who let pigs live in his home has been served with an ASBO after causing so much of a stink that an entire village has been left feeling sick.

The people who have ASBOs to thank for improving life

ANTISOCIAL behaviour orders must be used more frequently to improve the quality of life in Scotland, ministers said yesterday.

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