Anti-English bullying

Anti-English bullying

Police probe 'Anywhere But England' holiday prize competition

IT STARTED with T-shirts and banners, now an "Anywhere But England" holiday competition is being investigated by police for stirring up cross-Border World Cup animosity.

Moderator says anti-English bigotry is 'like sectarianism'

ANTI-ENGLISH bigotry in Scotland is on a par with sectarianism and should not be tolerated as part of a "healthy society," according to the leader of the Kirk.

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Anti-English racists 'pick on youngsters in Capital'

YOUNGSTERS in the Capital are being victimised by anti-English racists, an MSP claimed today.

Schoolgirl sues over 'anti-English abuse'

A TEENAGER who claims she was subjected to anti-English abuse at her school will take her case against education officials to court, her solicitor confirmed yesterday.

'English car' attack in Glasgow under scrutiny

PROSECUTORS are looking into a BBC Newsnight programme which showed youths attacking a car bedecked with St George flags which a TV crew left parked in the east end of Glasgow during the World Cup.

Race concerns as schoolchildren's attitudes towards English revealed

SCHOOLCHILDREN in Scotland show a "worrying hostility" towards English people and should be taught to curb their prejudice during anti-racism education, an Executive report has recommended.

World Cup 'catalyst' for anti-Englishness

THE number of anti-English incidents in Scotland rose substantially during the 2006 World Cup, according to figures released by Scotland's leading race equality body.

Fire-bomber's tears as he is locked up for six months

A TEENAGE "freedom fighter" wept yesterday as he was locked up for six months for petrol-bombing a council HQ as part of his campaign to win Scottish independence.

Vulnerable teenage boy attacked for wearing England top

A DISABLED teenager was attacked at a cinema - because he was wearing an England shirt with David Beckham's name on it.

Football fan's cinema terror

A DISABLED football fan has spoken of his terror at being attacked by anti-England thugs for wearing a David Beckham shirt.

Aberdeen leaders condemn anti-English attacks in city

THE leaders of all the political groups on Aberdeen City Council yesterday joined forces to condemn the spate of recent racist attacks against English football fans in the city.

Rangers offer victim Hugo trip to Ibrox

THE seven-year-old boy who was punched in an Edinburgh park for wearing an England top has been offered a day out at Rangers' Ibrox Stadium.

Bitter feelings only serve to harm our nation

THIS is proving a bad World Cup for Scotland.

Park disgrace as boy, 7, in England top punched by yob

AN assault on a seven-year-old boy who was punched and kicked while playing in a city park for wearing an England shirt was today widely condemned as bringing "shame on Scotland".

World Cup challenges schools' racism policies

JACK McConnell must surely regret that he made public his support for any and all teams playing England. Are such remarks just harmless banter or are they hurtful and provocative? The difficulty is that the issue is subjective: one person's friendly rivalry is another's racism.

The cross we have to bear

I BLAME Jack McConnell, writes Jeremy Watson. Ever since the First Minister made clear he was supporting Trinidad and Tobago - England's first-round opponents in Germany along with Sweden and Paraguay - debate has raged over which team Scots should follow through the tournament in the absence of their own squad.

'Sickening' attack on two England fans

AN ATTACK on two celebrating England fans in a Scottish town has been branded "sickening" by an Executive minister.

Firm cancels Scots event after World Cup snub to England

Key quote "There is a real concern with this. It's been going on for a few weeks now. It seems to be small-minded to support England's opponents and it's really not helpful to upset your biggest customer and biggest neighbour." - Peter Taylor of the British Hospitality Association Scotland

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