Anti-capitalism demos

Anti-capitalism demos

Activist Jose Bove denied entry to US

JOSE BOVE, the French anti-globalisation activist who ransacked a McDonald's restaurant in 1999, was denied entry at a New York airport and sent back to France.

Violent protest mars summit

VIOLENT clashes between anti-globalisation protesters and police marred the end of a summit of EU and Latin American leaders in Mexico’s second city of Guadalajara yesterday.

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Fairtrade movement 'doomed to fail'

THE Fairtrade movement is contributing to the plight of the farmers it sets out to help, according to a report published by an economic think-tank.

Protests mark beginning of trade talks at WTO

THE World Trade Organisation began five days of meetings yesterday in the resort city of Cancun, Mexico, with the aim of breaking the deadlock between its members and cutting agricultural subsidies and tariffs.

Legal threat to demo police

CIVIL rights campaigners were today mounting a legal challenge after police used anti-terrorism powers to detain protesters at an arms fair.

Demonstrators kept at arm's length at Europe's biggest weapons exhibition

WITH its dazzling array of highly-polished, sleek, state-of-the-art machinery; its smiling, helpful reps and those cute little bowls of humbugs at each stall, the exhibition bore more than a passing resemblance to the Motor Show.

Shooting protest to target city consulate

ANTI-capitalist protesters from across the UK are heading to Edinburgh for a mass demonstration outside the Italian Consulate.

Tight security around world for May Day

CLASHES broke out between May Day demonstrators and police in capital cities across the world yesterday, amid massive security operations.

If capitalism ‘doesn’t work’, what does?

THE association of the ancient May Day rites of returning spring with the modern idea of social protest began not in Europe but in America, in 1886. However, unlike yesterday’s celebration of negativity in London - against capitalism, globalisation, motor cars, fur, America, and hamburgers, to name but a few things - the original May Day was premised on a positive demand: the right to an eight-hour working day.

Holiday with roots in ancient celebration

SOME believe the celebrations on May Day began with the tree worship of the Druids, while others believe they go back to the spring festivals of ancient Egypt and India.

4,000 police stifle May Day demo

WITH a ratio of almost one officer to every protester, the police were leaving nothing to chance as thousands of anti-globalisation demonstrators and union members poured into central London for May Day.

Police charged with beating up activists

ITALIAN authorities have arrested eight police officers on charges of beating up anti-globalisation protesters inside a Naples police barracks last year after a march turned violent.

United colours of capitalism

REVENGE, for the shock troops of the anti-globalisation movement, is a dish best served cold - preferably in the form of ice-cream, marbled with chocolate-chip cookie dough or fudge-covered, peanut butter-filled pretzels.

French toast as Big Mac sales up

McDONALD’S French operations have become the US hamburger chain’s fastest-growing in Europe despite the restaurant-wrecking activities of peasants’ leader José Bové and other anti-globalisation protesters.

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