Antarctica's environment

Antarctica's environment

Arctic 'more vulnerable' as ice melts

NEW laws are needed to protect the vulnerable Arctic from increasing amounts of commercial activity brought about by the melting ice in the region, according to WWF.

City professor leads probe into buried lake

AN Edinburgh expert will lead a team of scientists to explore an ancient lake "frozen in time" for millions of years beneath Antarctica.

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Ice to see you, to see you, ice

WHEN five schoolgirls from Edinburgh made the trip of a lifetime to Antarctica, they expected to encounter an alien environment with only icebergs and penguins as recognisable landmarks.

World's largest ice sheet in 'stable' condition

AN ICE sheet in Antarctica that is the world's largest - with enough water to raise global sea levels by 200ft - is relatively stable and poses no immediate threat to ocean levels, according to new research.

'Invaders' threaten Antarctica

ANTARCTICA is facing destruction by foreign species of animals, plants and microbes that are hitching lifts on aircraft and ships, scientists have warned.

Antarctic luxury cruises 'a disaster waiting to happen'

LARGE luxury cruises into the unchartered waters of Antarctica must be banned to prevent a disaster worse than the Titanic, British diplomats warned yesterday.

Antarctic ice sheet is melting at rate of 36 cubic miles a year, says study

MELTING Antarctic ice is adding so much fresh water into the oceans every year that it could fill Loch Ness 18 times over, according to scientific research published yesterday.

Million-year-old ice is freeze frame of the past

JAPANESE researchers drilling in Antarctica have recovered what is believed to be the world's oldest sample of ice - dating back up to one million years.

Building on skis will let ice survey staff slip off to work

SCIENTISTS working in the Antarctic are to have a hi-tech research centre that can be moved around on huge skis.

World's biggest iceberg on the move

THE world’s biggest iceberg has begun moving again, nearly three months after it ran aground, threatening penguin breeding colonies and blocking ships supplying food and fuel to Antarctic research stations.

Sir Edmund Hillary takes a chilly view of ice highway to South Pole

SIR Edmund Hillary, the man who first conquered Everest, has condemned an ice highway being driven across the Antarctic as "terrible" and warned it could destroy the fragile wilderness.

Hole in ozone layer shrinks

A GAPING hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica appears to have shrunk by about 20 per cent from last year’s record-breaking size, scientists said today.

Antarctic threatened by 21st-century biotechnology 'gold rush'

SOME of the world’s harshest environments could be under threat from a 21st-century "gold rush" by research scientists, the United Nations warned yesterday. It said work should be stepped up on international agreements to oversee prospecting in Antarctica.

Life in ice lake 2800 years on

BACTERIA and algae frozen in an Antarctic lake for more than 2800 years returned to life after thawing, US scientists found.

Ozone hole size shrinks by a third

THE ozone hole over Antarctica is markedly smaller this year than in the last few years and has split in two, US government scientists reported.

Ozone hole shrinks

THE so-called ozone hole over Antarctica is markedly smaller this year than in the past few years and has split in two.

Marine life under threat

THOUSANDS of the world’s most exotic marine species, from spiders the size of dinner plates to giant woodlice, face extinction if Antarctic sea temperatures rise as predicted, says a leading scientist.

Tourists are a step too far for Antarctica

GLOBAL warming may pose a potential threat to Antarctica, but the continent faces a far greater peril from the boots of environmental tourists, scientists have concluded.

Climate change

The break-up of the Larsen B ice shelf, in Antarctica, has attracted the usual moralising comments from the environment minister, Michael Meacher, about our causing global warming.

Antarctic ice shelf falls into the sea

AN ANTARCTIC ice shelf larger than the Western Isles has astonished scientists by collapsing in just a month.

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