Girl tells of battle with anorexia

WITH her shiny chestnut hair, sparkling eyes and smooth, flawless complexion, Lauren Knox sits in a city centre coffee shop and looks the picture of health.

Kate Moss on thin ice

SUPERMODEL Kate Moss has put her stiletto-clad foot in her lipglossed mouth by declaring "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". The response has been one of shock and outrage, but are we overreacting, asks Alice Wyllie

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Lifetime desire to be thinner starts at just 10 years old for girls

GIRLS start wanting to be thin at the age of ten, and half of 11 to 16-year-olds restrict what they eat to stay slim, a survey of young women reveals.

First Scots facility dedicated to eating disorders opens

THE first dedicated unit in Scotland, aimed at treating patients suffering from anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders, was officially opened in Aberdeen yesterday by Health Minister Shona Robison.

Scotland's first anorexia unit to open

PATIENTS suffering from severe eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia would be treated at Scotland's first dedicated unit under plans revealed yesterday.

Fighting a battle against anorexia that never ends

Janice says she still isn’t getting the help she needs even after bulimia, a suicide bid and worsening mental illness.

Dieting jockeys risk eating disorders

JOCKEYS are at risk of eating disorders and feeling depressed when trying to slim down for races, researchers said today.

Size zero row spills on to men's catwalk

THE controversy over "size zero" catwalk models is moving from the female to the male dressing-room, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

We've still only just begun

SHE was found dead in the walk-in wardrobe of her childhood bedroom. Naked and gaunt, aged just 32, she was, said Fire Captain Paul Cook, who was one of the first on the scene at her parents' house in Los Angeles, "very thin. She looked like she weighed between 98 and 100 pounds" (about 45kg).

Anorexia: is this the cause or the cure?

EACH rib is as sharply defined as any famine victim's, her spine protrudes painfully through broken skin and her haunting green eyes, huge in her hollow face, stare at the camera with a frightened recognition of her piteous state.

Anorexia is starving our little angel of life

MY 14-year-old granddaughter, Nicole, is the eldest of three much-loved children. But for the past 15 months, her family have been on an emotional roller-coaster as she fights a losing battle with anorexia.

Stick-thin celebs not main culprits when it comes to eating disorders

ON THE front page of yesterday's Times newspaper, there was a very curious phrase. It was a quote from columnist Jane Shilling, who wrote: "There is nothing like planting a lettuce to take your mind off the shape of your body."

Versace fashion heiress battles anorexia

ALLEGRA Beck Versace, 20, heiress to the fashion house that bears her name, is suffering from anorexia, the eating disorder which many people blame on the visual diktats of the beauty industry.

Doctors told to force-feed anorexics

DOCTORS have been issued with controversial new guidelines which spell out for the first time when they are legally allowed to force-feed anorexic patients close to death.

Anorexic doctor calls for new eating-disorders treatment centre

BETTER services for adults with eating disorders were called for yesterday as a doctor highlighted the shortage of help currently available to patients.

Pressure on industry after Miss England speaks out

THE British fashion industry came under renewed pressure yesterday from those inside the fashion and arts industries over the use of size-zero models in catwalk shows.

London Fashion Week has zero to say on skinny models

Key quote: "I would like to see any girl with a body-mass index of less than 18, essentially the size-zero, banned. In my opinion, the British Fashion Council have been behaving totally irresponsibly." - Dee Doncey, Lib Dem culture spokeswoman

Slim, but not ultra-thin as fashion show displays model behaviour after outcry

SIZE zero models were conspicuous by their absence at London Fashion Week yesterday following an outcry over bosses' refusal to ban ultra-thin girls from the catwalk.

Health check call for 'zero models'

THE government last night waded into the debate on extremely thin models, saying they should be kept off the catwalk.

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