Animal Testing

Animal Testing

RSPCA hails 'more humane' testing

A NATIONAL animal charity yesterday welcomed the news that artificial human skin can now be used to test chemicals for irritation, saving hundreds of laboratory rabbits from suffering and distress.

Labs given £1m to cut animal tests

SCIENTISTS in Scotland have been given almost £1 million to develop techniques to cut down on the use of animal testing in research.

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Scientists create 'sick pigs' to cure humans

SCOTTISH scientists are creating pigs that are genetically modified to suffer from incurable human diseases – so they can be used by drug companies to test new therapies.

Animal testing rises again

SCIENTIFIC testing on live animals rose again last year to the highest level since 1992.

Animal testing 'on its way out'

"VIRTUAL humans" and banks of living cells will one day eliminate the need for animal experimentation, leading scientists claimed yesterday.

Ultraviolet marmosets open up new avenues for disease tests

FIVE glowing monkeys threaten to engulf scientists in a new storm of controversy over the ethics of animal experiments and genetic engineering.

'Shameful' toll of medical experiments on monkeys in Scotland

ALL use of monkeys in medical research should be banned, a Scottish MEP said yesterday.

Animal rights activists convicted over laboratory hate campaign

FOUR animal rights activists face up to 14 years in jail after being found guilty yesterday of blackmailing companies who supplied Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Animal rights activists found guilty of blackmail campaign

FOUR animals rights activists were found guilty today of blackmailing companies who supplied Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Savlon cleared from shelves after animal rights 'plot'

TENS of thousands of tubes of Savlon antiseptic cream have been pulled from shop shelves after animal rights extremists claimed to have contaminated the product.

Lab-grown skin to cut animal testing

HUMAN skin grown in laboratories could soon be widely used to replace animals in the testing of chemicals, researchers said yesterday.

Experiments on animals soar to 3m a year

ANIMAL testing in Britain has reached a 15-year high and is set to go on rising, the government said yesterday.

Cancer model could end animal testing

A NEW test-tube model of breast cancer could halt painful experiments on animals, it was claimed yesterday.

Animal rights activists are jailed for 'intimidation'

ACTIVIST Mark Taylor was jailed for a record four years yesterday for his part in a campaign of intimidation to stop companies dealing with a firm doing animal experiments.

Animal rights groups blast support for monkey tests

A REPORT backing the use of monkeys in academic research was denounced by animal welfare groups yesterday.

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