Angus Deayton

Angus Deayton

Deayton to make comeback

TV personality Angus Deayton is to star in a new BBC comedy less than a year after he was sacked from Have I Got News For You amid disclosures about his private life.

Getting personal

It’s the BBC’s fault.

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Has BAFTA got news for you, Paul

COMEDIAN Paul Merton had the last laugh last night as he beat his former sparring partner Angus Deayton to win a BAFTA television award for his performances on the quiz show Have I Got News For You.

Star 'never liked' Deayton

HAVE I Got News For You star Paul Merton said losing Angus Deayton as the show’s host was "not a big deal" - and admitted he never liked him anyway.

Charlotte makes the News

SINGING star Charlotte Church is to appear as a guest presenter on the new series of satirical quiz Have I Got News For You. The Welsh diva will be one of eight new faces - including William Hague and Martin Clunes - to step into the shoes of departed host Angus Deayton.

Has Hague got news for you

FORMER Tory leader William Hague has been asked to present TV’s Have I Got News For You.

Has public got news for BBC

HALF the British public wants to see Angus Deayton back hosting Have I Got News For You, a survey has revealed.

Is the joke on Kennedy as he hosts satire quiz?

THE leader of the Liberal Democrats claims he hates the sobriquet "Chat Show Charlie", but yesterday’s announcement that he is to host the BBC’s rapid-fire quiz Have I Got News For You had tongues wagging again.

Have I got viewers for you? Anne Robinson wins ratings

SATIRICAL current affairs quiz Have I Got News For You recorded its second highest viewing figures for Friday night’s show under new host Anne Robinson.

Robinson takes over from Deayton

ANNE Robinson, star of The Weakest Link, took charge of Have I Got News For You last night in familiar firebrand style.

The smirking assassins

HAVE I Got News For You is a show where no bad deed is left unpunished and no ego is left unpunctured by Paul Merton and Ian Hislop. Even absent friends recently fallen on hard times cannot expect an easy ride. Thus when Angus Deayton was fired last week, Hislop, that diminutive giant of satire, and the tall, droll Merton rolled up their sleeves and gave their old chairman a fresh roasting.

Deayton sacked by BBC after sex and drugs claims

BELEAGUERED quiz show host Angus Deayton, who has been hit by a series of ever-more lurid revelations about his private life, was sacked by the BBC last night after it decided his position was untenable.

Deayton's morals were not the issue in his sacking, says BBC

ANGUS Deayton survived initial revelations over his sex and drug habits when the story broke in May, but the issue came back to haunt him last night as he was dropped from the satirical news show Have I Got News For You.

This one could run and run

Things can’t get much worse for Angus Deayton. Mocked in May by the tabloids for his sexual indiscretions - which ran to "a cocaine-fuelled night" with a prostitute - he had his salary halved by the BBC. Flogged again in the papers ten days ago for similar offences, he’s now about to lose his job as presenter of the TV show Have I Got News for You.

Have we got some more abuse for you, Angus

HAVE I Got News For You? host Angus Deayton once again found himself the butt of the jokes during filming of the satirical show, following further newspaper revelations about his private life.

Have the BBC got good news for Deayton

ANGUS Deayton is to continue as the host of TV panel game Have I Got News For You, despite embarrassing revelations about his private life, the BBC announced yesterday.

Deayton phone tap inquiry arrest

A 34-year-old man has been arrested in connection with allegations that the home telephone of the television presenter Angus Deayton has been illegally tapped.

Sex, drugs & ratings war

AH, THE blessed irony of it. Four years ago an interviewer asked Angus Deayton if he struggled to resist the temptation of being surrounded by female admirers. "You might think that with fame, all these temptations come your way - but actually there are plenty of reasons why you should not give in. Someone could sell their story to the Daily Mail."

What a difference A Deayton makes

AND this week’s viewers’ choice was the TV show fronted by a coke-snorting, prostitute-frequenting compere - allegedly.

TV quizmaster endures a taste of his own medicine

ANGUS Deayton, the host of Have I Got News For You? last night branded himself a “loser” as he filmed the TV quiz show following disclosures about his private life.

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