Anglican Church

Anglican Church

Trio of ex-bishops first to become priests

THREE former Anglican bishops have made history by becoming the first to be ordained as Catholic priests under a new scheme set up by the Vatican.

Author attacks church

VICAR-turned-author GP Taylor says he is deserting the "sinking ship" of the Church of England, which he described as the "spiritual arm of New Labour".

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Gay bishop thanks Scottish Church for recognising 'all God's people'

GENE Robinson, the openly gay American bishop barred from attending the Lambeth Conference, yesterday praised the "inclusive" outlook of Scots clergy as he spoke of his belief that worldwide Anglican Communion would eventually recognise "all God's people".

Church group demands action on 'bigot' slur

A CHRISTIAN pressure group has asked the Scottish Government to cut its links with gay campaigning group Stonewall after two senior churchmen were nominated for a "Bigot of the Year" award.

Archbishop aims rebuke at bishops

THE Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday gently rebuked those whose wrangling over gay clergy threatens the Anglican church.

Church's 'cheap weddings' plea

BRIDES should consider travelling to their wedding in a taxi, wearing a second-hand wedding dress and asking guests to bring a bottle to the reception, according to the Church of England.

Church chief in gay sex storm

The leader of America's 30 million-member National Association of Evangelicals, the Rev Ted Haggard, has resigned after being accused of paying for sex with a man in monthly trysts over the past three years.

Conservative snub female head of US church over gay clergy

THE first female leader of the US Episcopal Church will be officially snubbed by conservative clergy at the next global Anglican Communion gathering to protest her support for gay clergy, they stated yesterday.

Archbishop's warning of a crisis in modern childhood

THE Archbishop of Canterbury today warned family separations and commercial pressures were causing a crisis in modern childhood.

Archbishop of York celebrates Roman heritage

ROMAN soldiers will be accompanying the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, when he leads the festivities marking the day Constantine the Great became Roman Emperor in York on 25 July, AD306, after the death of his father - Emperor Constantius - also in the city of York.

Church fury over historic mistakes on 'English kirk'

THE leader of Scotland's 43,000 Episcopalians has claimed that his church has been "written out" of Scottish history and hit out at the caricature of his church as the "English Kirk".

Election of female pastor heightens tensions

THE Episcopalian church in the US yesterday elected the denomination's first female leader, adding to tensions within the Anglican church.

Archbishop must take a moral stance ... ...

SPARE a thought this weekend, if you will, for the Most Rev Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. On Thursday at St Paul's, amid all the splendour of a British state occasion at its grandest, he gave the sermon at a service of thanksgiving for the Queen's 80th birthday and spoke, as usual, thoughtfully about constitutional monarchy as a way of giving a human face to power.

New leader of Scotland's Episcopalians named

THE Episcopal Church of Scotland yesterday named its new leader.

Church's ballot avoids widening gay clergy rift

THE Episcopal Diocese of California has avoided widening a rift over gays in the global Anglican Communion by electing a heterosexual man as its next bishop.

Anglican vote avoids gay rift

THE Episcopal Diocese of California averted another churchwide showdown over the role of gays in their denomination last night when delegates rejected three openly gay candidates for bishop.

Da Vinci Code shows 'spiritual thirst'

THE head of the Scottish Episcopal Church believes the popularity of Dan Brown's bestselling book The Da Vinci Code is a symptom of a "spiritual thirst" among the public.

Creationism has its place, but not in science class

REFLECTING on the recent and ongoing furore about creationism, evolution, and intelligent design is a depressing business, for the whole thing has become hideously confused: an untidy tangle of science, philosophy, theology, politics and culture.

Scots church leader joins row over teaching of creationism in schools

THE leader of the Scottish Episcopal Church said yesterday that creationism should not be taught in schools and that a "false battleground" was pitting science against faith.

Archbishop against 'gay debate'

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has written to Anglican leaders urging them not to use a conference in two years' time to revisit a church resolution on gays.

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