Andrew Eaton-Lewis

Andrew Eaton-Lewis

Andrew Eaton-Lewis: 'Among the DVD extras is an alternate ending, evidently deemed not quite right for cinemas'

Watching Limitless on DVD last week, I discovered something fascinating.

The Prompt with Andrew Eaton-Lewis

AS A child, I got very confused by The Black Island, the fourth or fifth Tintin book I'd excitedly borrowed from Carlisle Library. Tintin is hot on the trail of a mystery plane. On discovering it has crash-landed in Sussex (where, thrillingly, my favourite aunt and uncle were from) he boards a cross-channel ferry.

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Andrew Eaton-Lewis: 'Is the soap opera that is Oasis finally over, then?'

IT DIDN'T seem like a momentous rock'n'roll event, last week's genial, self-effacing half-hour press conference.

Andrew Eaton-Lewis: Justin Timberlake to lead MySpace revival

SATISFYING news for those of us who are not fans of Rupert Murdoch (I'd put it more strongly than that, but this is a family newspaper): MySpace, which Murdoch bought for $580 million six years ago, was sold last week for just $35 million.

Andrew Eaton-Lewis: 'I couldn't help thinking of Lucas when JK Rowling announced her Pottermore website last week'

WHEN George Lucas finished his Star Wars prequels, he suggested he would spend his twilight years returning to small, experimental projects. "I've earned the right to fail," he told Wired magazine in 2005, "which means making what I think are really great movies that no one wants to see."

Webchat as it happened: Andrew Eaton-Lewis on the Edinburgh Film Festival and the Fringe programme

Arts editor Andrew Eaton-Lewis hosted an online discussion about the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the programme for the Fringe today.

Andrew Eaton-Lewis: The prompt

TWO days ago the Kaiser Chiefs released a new album. Or did they? The Future Of Medieval, whose existence was announced out of the blue on Friday, is a collection of 20 songs that you can download from the band's website. For £7.50 you can buy ten of those songs and compile your own version of The Future Of Medieval. You can also design your own artwork and – a genuine first, this – sell your version of the album on to other fans for a £1 commission.

Andrew Eaton-Lewis: 'Evidence of our culture's diminished fortunes is everywhere this month'

THE full Edinburgh Fringe programme isn't announced until next week but, as always, details are leaking out early and I'm looking forward to it already.

Gig review: Explosions in the Sky


Andrew Eaton: Rise of the Apes - blockbuster of the summer?

FROM Batman Begins to this year's X-Men First Class, Hollywood can't get enough of origins stories these days. This, presumably, is the reasoning behind Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, out in August.

Andrew Eaton: 'Even the hawkish Churchill believed it was the government's duty to protect culture'

AS ARTS Council England reluctantly carried out the government's enforced Budget cuts on Wednesday, an old quotation was circulating among artists I know on Facebook.

Andrew Eaton: The demise of the single

SO, MERCURY Records, home to U2, Elton John, the Killers and Arcade Fire among others, is to stop manufacturing singles.

Andrew Eaton: 'I don't know what to expect from any of the shows at the Edinburgh International Festival this year, but I definitely want to see them'

ON THURSDAY, the Manchester International Festival announced its 2011 programme, a week ahead of the Edinburgh International Festival.

Andrew Eaton : James Bond in a dress

SO NOW we know what Daniel Craig looks like in a dress. "Surprisingly attractive," was the Daily Mail's verdict, missing the point as usual, "if you ignore the stubble rash and broad shoulders."

Andrew Eaton: 'A poorly designed replicant of Blade Runner won't fool them into opening their wallets'

SCI-FI news. There is, as of last Friday, going to be a sequel to Blade Runner. Or possibly a prequel. The rights to develop the "franchise" are now in the hands of a production company called Alcon Entertainment.

Andrew Eaton: The prompt

THIS summer Baz Luhrmann will direct a 3D remake of The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. It's been interesting to see how much derision this news has generated. What's the problem? DiCaprio has proved, repeatedly, that he is a brilliant, charismatic actor with very good judgment.

Andrew Eaton: 'Is Born This Way a cynical, monstrously overhyped bid to fleece money out of anyone who's ever felt like an outsider?'

WILL Lady Gaga's comeback single eclipse I Will Survive as an anthem to self-confidence, and gay/transgender pride in particular?

Andrew Eaton: 'What makes a great pop lyric? It is clearly not the same as a great poem'

MORE often than is good for anyone's health, I am driven to despair by terrible lyrics in pop songs.

Interview: Everything Everything

As the NME Awards cross the Border, Andrew Eaton talks to Everything Everything about the influences which helped make them a band to watch

Andrew Eaton: Skins - the "most dangerous show" to hit America according to the PTC

GOOD news from America. Following pressure by a group called the Parents Television Council (PTC), the US version of Channel 4's teen drama Skins will now be screened without endorsements for Taco Bell and Subway.

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