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Andrew Eaton

Gig review: Explosions in the Sky


Andrew Eaton: Rise of the Apes - blockbuster of the summer?

FROM Batman Begins to this year's X-Men First Class, Hollywood can't get enough of origins stories these days. This, presumably, is the reasoning behind Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, out in August.

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Andrew Eaton: 'Even the hawkish Churchill believed it was the government's duty to protect culture'

AS ARTS Council England reluctantly carried out the government's enforced Budget cuts on Wednesday, an old quotation was circulating among artists I know on Facebook.

Andrew Eaton: The demise of the single

SO, MERCURY Records, home to U2, Elton John, the Killers and Arcade Fire among others, is to stop manufacturing singles.

Andrew Eaton: 'I don't know what to expect from any of the shows at the Edinburgh International Festival this year, but I definitely want to see them'

ON THURSDAY, the Manchester International Festival announced its 2011 programme, a week ahead of the Edinburgh International Festival.

Andrew Eaton : James Bond in a dress

SO NOW we know what Daniel Craig looks like in a dress. "Surprisingly attractive," was the Daily Mail's verdict, missing the point as usual, "if you ignore the stubble rash and broad shoulders."

Andrew Eaton: 'A poorly designed replicant of Blade Runner won't fool them into opening their wallets'

SCI-FI news. There is, as of last Friday, going to be a sequel to Blade Runner. Or possibly a prequel. The rights to develop the "franchise" are now in the hands of a production company called Alcon Entertainment.

Andrew Eaton: The prompt

THIS summer Baz Luhrmann will direct a 3D remake of The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. It's been interesting to see how much derision this news has generated. What's the problem? DiCaprio has proved, repeatedly, that he is a brilliant, charismatic actor with very good judgment.

Andrew Eaton: 'Is Born This Way a cynical, monstrously overhyped bid to fleece money out of anyone who's ever felt like an outsider?'

WILL Lady Gaga's comeback single eclipse I Will Survive as an anthem to self-confidence, and gay/transgender pride in particular?

Andrew Eaton: 'What makes a great pop lyric? It is clearly not the same as a great poem'

MORE often than is good for anyone's health, I am driven to despair by terrible lyrics in pop songs.

Interview: Everything Everything

As the NME Awards cross the Border, Andrew Eaton talks to Everything Everything about the influences which helped make them a band to watch

Andrew Eaton: Skins - the "most dangerous show" to hit America according to the PTC

GOOD news from America. Following pressure by a group called the Parents Television Council (PTC), the US version of Channel 4's teen drama Skins will now be screened without endorsements for Taco Bell and Subway.

Andrew Eaton: 'As an added bonus, we also had free licence to snigger at offensive stereotypes of foreigners and gay men'

AS YOU may have heard, Sacha Baron Cohen is making an outrageous new comedy about Saddam Hussein.

Andrew Eaton: Things I'd like to see at the Brits

THINGS I'd like to see at this year's Brit Awards, Number 1: Robert Plant and Tinie Tempah doing a duet.

The Main Event: Hogmanay

'There's a lot of fun to be had across Scotland – and not all of it requires pre-booked tickets'

The Prompt by Andrew Eaton

FOR months now, some of us have been wondering what on earth is going on with the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Finally, a few days ago, there was a big announcement. And now we're none the wiser.

Andrew Eaton: 'Anyone who thinks Biffy live in an entirely different musical world from Matt Cardle is deluding themselves'

I'M WATCHING history repeat itself, thanks to Matt Cardle and The X Factor. Back in 1991, the Pet Shop Boys released a cover of U2's Where The Streets Have No Name.

Andrew Eaton: 'I'm quite pleased to see a song being treated as a work of serious art'

SO, WHAT do you reckon to Susan Philipsz winning the Turner Prize?

Andrew Eaton: Arguments for and against the Assembly Rooms rennovation

THIS Wednesday, Edinburgh City Council is planning to rip the heart out of the Assembly Rooms, a key Edinburgh Fringe venue. Understandably, Assembly Theatre, which has run the venue for 30 years, is not happy and is campaigning against the plan.

Andrew Eaton: The prompt

IF THE London tastemakers are to be believed, pop music in 2011 is going to swing conspicuously back towards boys with guitars. And we're not talking about arty, experimental guitar music like Foals or Everything Everything. We are, as far as I can see, talking old school lad rock.

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