Allan Menzies murder trial

Allan Menzies murder trial

'Horror film' killer found dead in jail

A MAN jailed for murdering his best friend, drinking his blood and eating part of his head because he thought it granted him immortality was yesterday found dead in his prison cell.

'Vampire killer' found dead in cell

Alan Menzies, the so-called 'vampire killer', has been found dead in his cell at Shotts Prison.

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House where vampire killer struck to be sold

THE house where vampire killer Allan Menzies drank the blood of his murdered friend is to be sold by his father.

Bullied boy became obsessed with occult

IN THE end it was years of systematic bullying at school that lay at the root of Allan Menzies’ disturbed obsession with the occult - and ultimately his ritualistic killing of Thomas McKendrick.

Vampire case man jailed for 18 years

A MAN who claimed to be a vampire was branded an evil and dangerous psychopath yesterday as he was jailed for a minimum of 18 years for the "abominable" murder of a childhood friend.

Murderer starts life sentence for vampire killing

A MAN obsessed with vampires who murdered his best friend because he thought it would make him immortal was today beginning a life sentence, with recommendations he serve at least 18 years.

Vampire trial accused 'told aunt he killed to get back at God'

A MURDER accused told his aunt that he had killed a man and drank his blood "to get back at God".

Advocate depute calls for guilty verdict in murder case

JURORS were last night urged to find guilty of murder a man accused of bludgeoning a friend to death.

Vampire killing was murder say jury

A KILLER who boasted he drank his victim’s blood and ate a part of his skull to become a vampire faced a life sentence today after being convicted of murder.

Murder suspect tells court vampire queen ordered him to kill friend

A MAN told a court yesterday that he had killed his friend on the orders of "the queen of the damned", and to become immortal as a vampire.

Cult film obsession 'drove accused to kill'

A MURDER accused has told how repeatedly watching a cult vampire film drove him to kill.

Vampire murder trial told 'accused not ill'

A SELF-STYLED vampire had "a very vivid fantasy life" but was not mentally ill, a murder trial jury has been told in Edinburgh.

Murder accused blames attack on vampire film

A MAN became addicted to a vampire film and "snapped" when his friend insulted the heroine, a murder trial heard yesterday.

Accused says alter ego Vamp was the killer

A MURDER accused who confessed to drinking blood told police that his alter ego "Vamp" killed a friend after he insulted his film heroine.

Killer 'signed name in blood'

A MAN accused of murder, who told police he drank the blood of his victim, wrote letters to fictional characters from his favourite horror films, a jury heard yesterday.

'I'll kill again' vowed vampire murder accused

A MURDER accused sent a letter to himself from prison threatening to kill again and signed it "vamp" in blood, a court has heard.

Vampire fantasist 'became obsessed' after murder

A MAN who had shown respect for a flesh-eating, blood-drinking murderer asked friends to start calling him "Vamp", a court heard yesterday.

'He thought he was a horror film character'

A MURDER accused who told police he had drunk his victim’s blood believed he was a character from a vampire film, his father said.

Man with vampire fantasy killed friend to drink blood, court told

A MAN confessed to killing a friend and drinking his blood, a murder trial heard yesterday.

Murder trial told accused 'drank blood of victim'

A MURDER accused told police that he drank the blood of his victim and ate his flesh before burying the body in a Lothian wood.

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