Alistair Grimason murder

Alistair Grimason murder

Turkish MPs to face court for wedding gunfire

THE Turkish grandfather of Alistair Grimason, the East Kilbride toddler killed by a stray bullet in 2003, has won a legal battle to have two trigger-happy MPs from his country's ruling party face the European Court of Human Rights.

Bereaved father joins Turkish anti-gun fight

THE father of a two-year-old shot dead as he slept in his pushchair while on holiday in Turkey has recorded a music video ahead of a gun-control rally in the country.

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Grandfather's book honours shot boy

THE grandfather of Alistair Grimason, the toddler who was shot dead in Turkey, is to have a book he wrote in honour of the child published in that country.

Parents tell of relief as killer jailed

THE parents of a two-year-old Scots boy who was shot and killed during a gun fight at a Turkish cafe today spoke of their relief after his murderer was jailed for 36 years.

Turkey takes child to heart as a symbol for anti-gun movement

ALISTAIR Grimason has become a symbol for Turkey’s anti-gun movement.

'Some days we just don't want to wake up'

FOCA is a quiet seaside village, the kind of place where everyone knows everyone, and to the parents of Alistair Grimason it seemed like the ideal place for a toddler to grow up.

Man jailed for 36 years for Scots toddler murder

A Turkish man was jailed for 36 years today after being found guilty of murdering Scots toddler Alistair Grimason, who was shot dead during a gunfight at a cafe.

Couple mark death of son killed in Turkish gunfight

THE parents of a British toddler shot dead during a gunfight in Turkey yesterday marked the first anniversary of his death.

Parents hit by new murder case delay

THE parents of a Scottish child shot dead during a gunfight in Turkey face another agonising wait to discover the fate of the man who killed him, after the case against him was adjourned yesterday.

Killer still casts shadow over parents' lives

LIKE many young couples David and Ozlem Grimason are struggling to find a two-bedroom flat in Edinburgh within their price range. But this has nothing to do with being able to put up friends and relatives when they visit.

Agony goes on for parents whose son was shot in Turkey

THE parents of a boy who was shot dead in a café gunfight suffered fresh anguish yesterday when a Turkish court trying a man for their son’s murder said it could not determine the outcome of the case for another three weeks.

Parents face child's killer

A SCOTS family were today preparing to come face to face in a Turkish court with the man who shot dead their two-year-old son.

Murdered boy's parents 'too scared' to have a child

THE parents of a young Scots boy murdered in a shooting in a Turkish cafe almost a year ago have said they are fearful of having any more children.

Scots toddler 'was killed deliberately'

A TURKISH court ruled yesterday that a man accused of shooting a Scots toddler killed the youngster deliberately.

Scot set on changing Turkish gun law

A FATHER from East Kilbride has vowed to continue his campaign to change Turkey’s gun laws after the latest stage of the trial of the man accused of killing his two-year-old son.

Toddler killing: man in court

A MAN was due in court today accused of shooting a toddler as he slept in his pushchair at a Turkish cafe.

Singers will help parents of boy killed in Turkey

THE Proclaimers are to play in a special concert to help the parents of a toddler shot dead in Turkey it was revealed yesterday.

Reids' gig for toddler

THE Proclaimers are to stage a concert in memory of the Scottish toddler who was killed by a stray bullet in a gunfight in Turkey.

Grieving parents present petition

THE parents of a child killed during a shoot-out in a Turkish café yesterday presented a petition for tighter gun laws to the country’s opposition leader.

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