Alistair Campbell

Alistair Campbell

Interview: Alastair Campbell, former spin doctor, author

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL is focused on the job in hand - plugging his latest volume of diaries, Power And The People, which covers 1997-1999 and follows on from The Blair Years, published three years ago.

Alastair Campbell: Spin and soundbites only take you so far

THE success of political leadership lies on being able to capture the mood of your country, and persuade people that the values and vision you hold - and the policies you put forward - match both mood and people's expectations.

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Alastair Campbell hits out at Andrew Marr over Iraq 'agenda'

FORMER Downing Street communications chief Alastair Campbell accused the BBC's Andrew Marr of bias over the Iraq war yesterday after breaking down during a live television interview.

Spin doctor Campbell reveals his mental breakdown on television

FORMER Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell is to reveal the torment of suffering a mental breakdown which led to him being arrested by police and treated in a Glasgow hospital.

Campbell's grudging respect for 'sharp' SNP

ALASTAIR Campbell, the former spin doctor at the heart of New Labour's decade of rule in Downing Street, last night gave grudging credit to the Scottish National Party for its successful Holyrood election campaign.

Campbell's colourful memoirs put No10 in a spin

ALASTAIR Campbell has toned down his memoirs of life in No 10 after friends of Tony Blair asked him not to reveal that the Prime Minister swears like a trooper, it emerged last night.

BBC to broadcast Campbell diaries

THE diaries of the former Downing Street spin chief Alastair Campbell are to be televised by the BBC.

Campbell spins Blair into dirty tricks row

LABOUR was propelled into a fresh "dirty tricks" row last night after Alastair Campbell unveiled a new dossier detailing the secrets of the Tory strategy for regaining power.

It's new spin for fundraiser

LABOUR spin doctor Alastair Campbell is to speak at an event in Edinburgh next week.

Campbell to try a spin as MP

FORMER No 10 communications director Alastair Campbell has revealed for the first time that he has considered a return to Westminster - this time as an MP.

Campbell attacks 'vile' Mail

ALASTAIR Campbell yesterday stepped up his war of words with the media, branding the Daily Mail "vile" and challenging its editor, Paul Dacre, to a head-to-head public debate.

Campbell to chat on Channel Five

ALASTAIR Campbell, Tony Blair’s former chief spin doctor, has signed a deal with Channel Five to present his own interview series, it was announced last night.

Mandelson back to reverse spin

REPORTS of Peter Mandelson’s return to frontline politics have been plentiful but, like sightings of Shergar or Lord Lucan, are often found on closer inspection not to be true, writes Jason Beattie.

Campbell's successor hit by row

DOWNING Street’s attempt to use Alastair Campbell’s departure to usher in a "post-spin" era came unstuck yesterday after his successor became embroiled in a row over his business interests.

End of the affair

IT IS the end of history; or at least the end of the hand of history, the queen of hearts, and the bog-standard comprehensive.

The last of his reviled kind

ONE of my earliest journalistic heroes was a diminutive but dapper man from Paisley by the name of Robert Millar. It wasn’t just that he helped teach me the finer points of putting words on paper, it was also his amazing facility for absenting himself from the office without being noticed by our superiors that endeared him to me.

Campbell set for second Hutton grilling

ALASTAIR Campbell faces a further public grilling to explain key discrepancies in his evidence to the inquiry into the apparent suicide of weapons expert David Kelly.

Campbell cashes in his chips

THERE were always two sides to Alastair Campbell.

Blair left last man standing in team

THE Prime Minister’s inner circle used to be the envy of ministers. It changed annually - some moved in - and out - and membership was the key to power. Now, it is almost empty.

Back room PM changed government

THE gilded splendour of the members’ lobby of the House of Commons is unlikely to have played host to a more influential event than the brief meeting that took place 20 years ago between a junior reporter on the Daily Mirror and a fresh-faced young Labour MP from the North-east.

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