Alex Salmond biography

Alex Salmond biography

Alex Salmond Biography: the rise to power

THE helicopter landing site had been the subject of much consideration at SNP HQ on Edinburgh's McDonald Road. There, exhaustion jostled with anticipation as aides attempted to take everything in.

Alex Salmond biography: Leading lady the driving force behind First Minister

In the latest extract from his biography of SNP leader Alex Salmond, David Torrance uncovers the pivotal role wife Moira has played in his career

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Alex Salmond biography: 'He had a highly developed political philosophy even at the age of 19'

Alex Salmond's best friend at St Andrews University was an Englishman called Peter Brunskill. He recalls the day in September 1974 when he first encountered Salmond. "I was sitting in my room one evening when there was a knock on the door and it was Alex. Sartorially he was quite scruffy and wore a denim jacket and cap with an SNP badge on it.

Alex Salmond Biography: One letter and a case of 'intellectual suicide'

THE letter kicking Alex Salmond out of the SNP came by recorded delivery on 21 September, 1982. When Salmond opened it, he found a brief and perfunctory two-paragraph note.

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