Alcohol & binge drinking

Alcohol & binge drinking

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One in seven children ‘drinking regularly’

THE scale of Scotland’s under-age alcohol problem was laid bare yesterday when a new survey showed that more than one third of 15 year-olds and one in seven 13 years olds admitted that they had taken a drink in the previous week.


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Supermarkets swerve new laws on cheap booze offers

SUPERMARKETS are continuing to promote cheap booze deals in the run-up to Christmas despite legal attempts by the Scottish Government to crack down on heavily discounted alcohol and curb excessive drinking.


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‘Euro laws would put SNP’s booze fight on a knife edge’

THE SNP’s flagship proposal to impose a minimum price for alcohol could be left on a “knife edge” if an expected legal challenge to the policy comes before Europe’s highest court, a leading expert on Scots law has warned.

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SNP renews efforts to introduce minimum alcohol pricing

THE Scottish Government has reintroduced its plans to enforce minimum alcohol pricing at the second attempt.

Drink-drive Dutch face lock on cars

Dutch drivers caught massively over the legal alcohol limit will be forced to fit their cars with “alcolocks” which automatically lock the engine if the driver is over the limit.

Citywide checks over fake wine

FAKE wine has been found in shops in Edinburgh, sparking checks across the capital.

Drink-drive deaths down 35% last year

DEATHS from drink-drive accidents fell last year, provisional government figures showed.

Drinking the water of life will shorten your own, warn scientists

DRINKING just one large serving of spirits can increase the risk of suffering inflammation of the pancreas, research suggests.

Hard week at work? A drink only makes it worse, warn scientists

Drinking to cope with stress has the opposite effect, scientists have revealed.

Strathclyde's shame of ten drink-related call-outs a day

SCOTLAND'S largest police force deals with more problem drunks than the rest of the country combined, new figures show.

Doctors find 12,000 in Lothians drinking 'hazardous' amounts

AT least 12,000 people in the Lothians have been found to be drinking "hazardous" amounts of alcohol after being quizzed by doctors.

Off-sales booze ban for Old Firm match days

ALCOHOL could be barred from sale in shops throughout Glasgow before Old Firm games as part of a plan to reduce the amount of football-related violence at or around matches, under plans being considered by police and government officials.

Stuart Waiton: Turnaround shows a lack of any solid principles

The words politics and principles are two that don't sit very comfortably alongside one another today. So it will perhaps be of little surprise that the Liberal Democrats have done a U-turn on their opposition to increasing the price of alcohol. Having opposed this measure, proposed by the SNP last year, they have "hey presto" discarded their concern that the policy was ill-thought-out and discovered that minimum pricing is a great idea.

'We want a minimum alcohol price' - Lib Dems in U-turn on SNP policy

The new leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has announced a policy U-turn by saying he will back renewed SNP plans to impose a minimum price for alcohol.

Alex Salmond declares war on Scotland's scourges

ALEX Salmond has called time on Scotland's twin scourges of "bigotry and booze" in his programme for government.

Salmond sets out five-year vision for Scotland

TACKLING alcohol and sectarianism is among the key priorities of the new Scottish Government announced by First Minister Alex Salmond today.

Stuart Waiton: SNP tack on alcohol is against the grain

The great liberal John Stuart Mill could have told the Scottish Government that its approach to drink is wrong-headed and highly likely to fail

Britons have 'blind spot' for calories in alcohol

People have no idea how many calories are in alcoholic drinks despite pledges to lose weight, research suggests.

Safety plea as drink drownings increase

A CHARITY has called for improved safety for people drinking alcohol near areas of water after a report showed a growing number of men are found drowned after a night out.

Alcohol ban for violent thugs on bail

SUSPECTS who are charged with violent crime and whose offences are believed to be fuelled by alcohol are to be banned from drinking while on bail under a police initiative being introduced in Scotland.

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