ALBA - Guide to Living in Scotland

ALBA - Guide to Living in Scotland

Time to pull your green fingers out

WHEN the buds and sunshine of May arrive, things should be coming together rather nicely in the garden. Well, if you have taken the advice of all those experts who tell you to get out there early, that is.

Maintenance: passport to peace of mind

BUYING luxurious cushions is perhaps one of the most decadent things we do. And we love it. Cushions, candles, rugs and all the little fripperies that add texture and character to our home. So what if you’ve got buckets in the back bedroom collecting the drips?

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Everything's coming up roses

IT WILL be secateurs at dawn at the end of this month as keen gardeners head for Edinburgh to experience Gardening Scotland 2003.

Get in the swing

WE CAN dream, but few of us are ever likely to be as good a golfer as we would like to be. That, however, is the thrill of it. Constantly striving for the sweetest tee shot, the straightest drive or the perfect putt: those shots that will keep us awake at night, scared that if we go to sleep we’ll forget them and never be able to repeat the achievement.

Pack up your troubles now

LAST-MINUTE holidays are great, but, when it comes to travel, the joy of anticipation is part of the package. Occasionally, the very thought of a break in the sun or an exotic cruise is all that sustains us when the computer crashes for the fourth time in a morning.

Get on down for a month of melody

IF YOU’RE planning on taking your main holiday later in the year, May is the perfect time to consider a rejuvenating short break. A few days away can be just the thing to tide you over until the great escape.

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