Cat survives second airgun shooting

SHE'S already survived a horrific attack in which she was shot four times and left with a shattered leg.

Man who shot stranger in face with airgun jailed

A THUG who pumped air pistol pellets into the face of a stranger - blinding him in one eye - was jailed for more than five years yesterday.

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Two teenagers arrested over Auchinleck airgun shooting

POLICE have arrested two teenagers in connection with an incident in an East Ayrshire town involving an airgun in which several schoolpupils were injured.

Police chief calls for air-gun amnesty

A SENIOR police officer has warned of the potential difficulties and costs of introducing licensing for air weapons in Scotland.

Airgun campaign launched

A CAMPAIGN warning of the dangers of airguns was launched by police yesterday.

Deadly weapons cache seized as police hit violent gangs

A DEADLY cache of weapons, including a shotgun, handguns and two crossbows, have been seized from organised crime gangs in Edinburgh in a series of raids.

Two sought in connection with shooting at Edinburgh pub

POLICE have issued descriptions of two men after the shooting and stabbing of a customer at an Edinburgh pub.

Calls to speed up airgun ban after boy, 3, is shot in chest

A THREE-YEAR-OLD boy is being treated in hospital after being shot in the chest with an air rifle.

'Disgust' over cruelty of airgun attack

A THUG who shot two cats in a savage airgun attack has been condemned by the Scottish SPCA for "a disgusting act of cruelty".

Renewed calls for ban as number of air gun offences hits 150

THERE have been renewed calls to outlaw airguns after new figures showed they are used in almost three crimes a week in the Lothians.

Boy of 10 'shot dead with father's airgun' while he plays cowboys and Indians

A TEN-YEAR-OLD boy has died after being shot with an airgun.

Ian Swanson: Ban on airguns finally looks to be in Holyrood's sights

WHEN two-year-old Andrew Morton was killed four years ago after being shot with an airgun, there were widespread demands for a crackdown on the deadly weapons.

SNP pledge to use new powers to ban airguns

SCOTTISH ministers vowed yesterday to introduce an outright ban on airguns and tighten the drink-drive limit if, as expected, new law and order powers are transferred to Holyrood in the wake of the Calman Commission report.

Hopes of city airgun ban shot down by trouble with the law

A BAN on airguns in Edinburgh is set to be ruled out by council chiefs after they decided it would lead to "legal, political and practical difficulties".

MacAskill aims for gun limits

JUSTICE Secretary Kenny MacAskill has promised to step up his efforts for tougher controls on airguns.

Q and A: Colin Shedden

The director of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (Scotland) discusses Holyrood's attempt to get Westminster's permission for a pilot scheme to restrict the sale of air-guns.

SNP seeks gun pilot scheme north of border

JUSTICE Secretary Kenny MacAskill wants Scotland to pilot a UK-wide licensing system for airguns, banning possession for all but a small number who could prove they need the firearms.

MacAskill vows to raise concerns over Scotland's 500,000 air weapons

MORE than 500,000 air weapons are in circulation in Scotland, a firearms summit heard yesterday.

Youths face airgun charge

TWO teenagers have been charged following an airgun shooting spree which saw a woman hit in the back.

Air rifle sniper hits enforcer with pellet

A PARKING warden was shot with an air rifle as he ticketed cars, his employer said today.

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