Airborne Initiative

Airborne Initiative

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Experts voice concerns on Airborne-cash boot camp

FURTHER doubt was yesterday cast on the Scottish Executive’s controversial decision to close a boot camp for young offenders.

Anger at decision to scrap £5m community scheme

THE Scottish Executive was at the centre of a fresh controversy over funding and community programmes last night, following a decision to abandon a £5 million community programme which could have benefited some of Scotland’s most deprived areas.

Lib Dem tells of pressure to vote against Airborne

A SENIOR Liberal Democrat MSP faced renewed criticism last night after admitting he gave in to pressure from ministers in a vote on the future of a boot camp for young offenders.

Airborne lands in deep trouble

MANY of you have been following the saga of Airborne, a project which, until recently, used to send neds hiking. The Executive clipped Airborne’s wings, saying it wasn’t "value for money". And they may well have had a point. I go hiking regularly, and still can’t resist smashing windaes and threatening old ladies.

Killed off by Lib Dem 'betrayal'

LESS than a year ago, as the nation went to the polls to decide who would best represent their interests in the Scottish Parliament, the Liberal Democrats made an unequivocal election pledge.

Why Airborne should get a second chance

STAFF and campaigners fighting to save the Airborne Initiative made an emotional appeal to the Scottish Executive yesterday, in a bid to rescue the pioneering project from closure.

Airborne closed at peak of success, figures show

THE row surrounding the Airborne Initiative for young offenders intensified last night after new figures revealed it was closed down despite displaying some of the best results in its history.

The write way forward

Aged 16 and the father of a one-year-old child, Brian was a rather pathetic looking young man when he came to the attention of the Apex Learning Support Worker in Polmont Young Offenders’ Institution. For various reasons, he had not received much schooling and had been in and out of residential care before coming into prison. He was serving a five-month sentence, but was only referred for learning support three weeks before being released.

Campaigners angry as independent study backing boot camp ends

A NEW study which could have secured the future of a boot camp for young offenders, closed by the Scottish Executive last week, has been scrapped just weeks before its findings were due to be published.

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