AG Barr & Irn-Bru

AG Barr & Irn-Bru

AG Barr drops 'Diet' in Irn-Bru rebranding

FIZZY drinks maker AG Barr is to re-name Diet Irn-Bru so that "it does exactly what it says on the tin" under a £2 million- rebranding exercise.

Things fizzing for Barr as Scotland's other national drink moves south

Soft drinks group AG Barr is on track for another set of sparkling full-year results despite the spectre of soaring input costs.

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Sales put a fizz in Barr results

STRONG performances from Irn-Bru and the Rubicon fruit juice range have helped AG Barr post a 13 per cent rise in interim revenues to £118 million.

Irn-Bru to carry a health warning

SCOTLAND's best-selling soft drink, Irn-Bru, is being forced to carry hyperactivity warnings after its maker failed to ditch two colourings linked to behavioural problems in youngsters.

Barr sales soar ahead of football cola war

SHARES in Irn-Bru maker AG Barr rose nearly 6 per cent yesterday after the firm announced a "good start" to the year.

World Cup Scots could be the 'Bru Brazil'

FLAVIO McFadden, Crawfurd Baptista, and MacKaka. It is a roll call of names both familiar and exotic, and if Scotland's other national drink has its way, could form the spine of a triumphant midfield.

Barr reports further Irn-Bru sales surge

AG BARR, the maker of "Scotland's other national drink", Irn-Bru, told its annual general meeting in Glasgow yesterday the sales growth seen in 2009-10 had continued into the new financial year.

Make mine an Irn-Bru, shaken not stirred

SCOTLAND'S other national drink Irn-Bru has been given a glamorous new identity as a cocktail ingredient.

English catching up with Scots in Irn-Bru consumption

IT HAS been Scotland's other national drink for more than 100 years, as much a symbol of our nation as whisky, kilts or haggis.

Irn-Bru firm AG Barr reports 20% profits increase

AG BARR, the company which makes iconic fizzy drink Irn-Bru, today reported a 20.8% jump in profits as consumers kept their taste for "Scotland's other national drink".

Barr eyes £200m sales as 'national drink' proves fruitful

SALES at Irn-Bru maker AG Barr are set to fizz through the £200 million mark this year after continued strong demand for "Scotland's other national drink".

72,000 Irn-Bru cans recalled after factory gaffe ruins taste

MORE than 70,000 cans of Irn-Bru have been recalled after the company behind the famous Scottish fizzy drink was flooded with complaints about its taste.

Profile: Roger White, chief executive of AG Barr

THE small puddles of bright green liquid seeping on to the otherwise pristine factory floor do not worry Roger White, chief executive of soft drinks firm AG Barr.

Made in Scotland – from gusts

MADE from girders no more. Irn-Bru, the iconic fizzy drink imbibed by generations of Scots, will now be manufactured by soft Atlantic breezes.

Irn-Bru chief targets drive into England

ROGER White, chief executive of Irn-Bru maker AG Barr, is to double investment in the business this year to spearhead an attack on the English fizzy drinks market.

English sales add fizz and sparkle to Barr's shares

SHARES in AG Barr rose more than 11 per cent yesterday after the Irn-Bru maker unveiled a double-digit rise in sales.

Sweet tooth helps fight the recession

WHEN the going gets tough, the tough are reaching for cakes and fizzy drinks to make themselves feel a bit better.

Warm weather delivers Irn Bru boost

IRN Bru maker AG Barr said today that total sales had surged by nearly a quarter in the last three months.

Irn Bru has recipe to capture England

THE businesswoman who is to be handed responsibility for Irn Bru's famous secret recipe has revealed that Scotland's other national drink is planning a cross-border invasion.

Shares rise but it's the end of an era for Irn-Bru makers

SHARES in soft drinks maker AG Barr closed higher last night after the board hailed an "excellent start to the year" at the group's AGM in Glasgow.

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