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Dust storm plays havoc with David Cameron’s Afghanistan trip

David Cameron flew into Afghanistan today to pay a pre-Christmas visit to troops - but his plans were left in tatters by bad weather.

Gerald Warner: Stage set for last act of farcical Afghanistan adventure

HAMLET without the prince does not come any more extreme than last week’s assembly of 90 countries in conference at Bonn to debate the future of Afghanistan, with the meeting boycotted by Pakistan.

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Soldier tortured and executed by Taleban

A YOUNG Scottish soldier was executed by the Taliban in Afghanistan after leaving his checkpoint to search for some missing kit, an inquest has heard.

Afghan doctor blames Iran for ‘romanticising’ suicides

SHIVERING, moaning and delirious with pain, the woman was wrapped in a blanket and flanked by two relatives as the makeshift ambulance reversed up the hospital ramp.

Buried together: 8 members of family killed by bomber

EIGHT members of an extended family – three women and five children – were buried on a hillside overlooking Kabul yesterday after they were killed in a single suicide attack.

Deadliest attack in three years raises fears of sectarian strife in Afghanistan

THE bodies lay mangled in a circle; twisted and torn, caked in blood and dust, or clean and intact.

Afghanistan: Suicide attacks leave dozens dead

A suicide bomber has killed at least 54 people outside a shrine in Kabul during an unprecedented wave of violence against minority Shiites in Afghanistan.

West ‘must stick to Afghan task’

Western nations cannot turn their backs on Afghanistan and must see the job through after making an “investment in blood”, the commander of British forces in the country has said.

About A Boy: An an Afghan youth and a journalist’s shared journey amidst the horrors of bitter conflict

From Helmand to the Home Counties, that’s the journey made by an Afghan teen after a rocket attack killed his brother and blinded him. Our correspondent Jerome Starkey has also come a long way – he’s become Najib’s guardian

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Four militants die in rocket attack on base

MILITANTS tried to blast their way into an American base in eastern Afghanistan yesterday, striking before dawn with rocket-propelled grenades and a vehicle packed with explosives.

US Chinook downed by RPG strike

US military investigators have concluded that the Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan that killed 30 American troops in August was caused by a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) that hit the rear rotor, causing the aircraft to fall vertically to the ground and burst into flames.

Afghan president gives frank assessment of failings on tenth anniversary of launch of US-led war

Afghan president Hamid Karzai has said the Taleban are entirely reliant on Pakistan, claiming the militants cannot lift a finger without the Pakistanis.

Kabul march as Afghans mark US-led occupation

Hundreds of demonstrators paraded through the streets of the Afghan capital Kabul yesterday to call for the immediate withdrawal of international military forces ahead of the tenth anniversary of the US-led invasion.

Plot to kill Karzai foiled as Afghans arrest six linked to terror networks

AFGHAN intelligence officials said that they have broken up a cell that plotted to kill president Hamid Karzai, arresting six people in Kabul allegedly linked to al-Qaeda and the Haqqani militant group.

Karzai and Singh agree to India-Afghan pact

Afghanistan has signed a strategic partnership with India – its first such agreement – recognising a regional ally largely sidelined during a decade of international efforts to root out terrorists on Afghan soil.

Marine, 19, killed by Afghan blast

A ROYAL Marine killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan has been named by the Ministry of Defence.

Mother reveals son's poignant last messages

THE mother of Liam Tasker, the 26-year-old army dog handler and explosives expert killed in Afghanistan in March, has revealed the messages her son sent members of his family to be opened in the event of his death.

Nato officers shot by Afghan policeman

Two Nato service members have been killed in south-western Helmand province by an Afghan policeman.

Royal honour for killed hero's family

The family of a "hero" army dog handler killed in Afghanistan has been presented with the Elizabeth Cross by the Princess Royal.

Afghan forces 'not ready to take over from Nato'

A LEADING charity has warned that Afghan security forces are not ready to take over security responsibilities from Nato troops, claiming the professionalism and accountability of the nation's police and army raise "serious concerns".

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