Scotland is Changing and So Are We…

The New Scottish Audience

Smart and politicised, with energetic, strong and well thought out opinions
They are digitally savvy
The referendum has made people hyper-aware of news sources pushing their own agenda
They don’t want to be told what to think but seek a variety of views to help them form their own view
They want a title to represent every viewpoint, not push them towards accepting its point of view

We Are Changing

As a leading provider of indigenous Scottish content, we have optimised our content plan to meet with audience demand and to reflect the vibrancy of the country.  All presented on a fresh mobile-first, multimedia, fully responsive platform.

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The New Content Plan

Scotland’s News Needs

The New Scotsman on Mobile

New iPhone, Android and tablet app that surfaces mobile-relevant content. Alerts and notifications in app that present the pulse of the latest news
Considering separate applications for key cities and for top channels.

The New Scotsman in Print

A beautifully crafted new print offer, designed to complement our digital platforms and reflecting the modern, aspirational and dynamic elements of emerging Scotland.  New sections include a Business special every Thursday with greater focus on Scottish SME’s, start-ups. tech, law, international trade, blue chip Scotland and big data.

The Scotsman Today

Leading Scottish News Brand

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