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Store rapped over children's 'skinny' slogan T-shirt

AN ONLINE store has come under fire for marketing a T-shirt for youngsters with the slogan, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!"

Travellers were 'misled' by Ryanair

RYANAIR has been condemned by a watchdog for "misleading" holidaymakers into believing they could fly to Dublin to celebrate New Year for £7.

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Scottish MP wins ban on 'altered image' ad

A SCOTTISH MP has succeeded in having a skin cream advert featuring Hollywood star Julia Roberts banned, after lodging a complaint with a watchdog about the photographs being airbrushed.

'Equal ops' ad got a bum rap so we had another cheeky go

IT was the sort of bare-faced cheek that led to a dressing down from the country's advertising standards watchdog.

Ofcom to review how TV companies sell advertising slots

Ofcom yesterday launched a review of how adverts are sold in Britain's £4 billion-a-year television advertising market putting shares in the sector under the spotlight.

Scots eye firm rapped over adverts suggesting they treated top golfer

A SCOTS optical firm has been ordered to withdraw one of its adverts, which claims golfer Padraig Harrington had laser eye surgery with the company.

Cheesy, naff and downright cringeworthy but M&S sales are on the up

WHETHER it's the celebrities pretending to have fun, the cheesy chumminess in an exotic location or even Michael Buble's singing, the latest Marks & Spencer TV adverts have not been a winner with everyone.

Analysis: Catalogue of error was step too far

IN MY opinion, it can only be good that the Advertising Standards Agency has intervened in this case, as it cuts to the heart of the issue about the sexualisation of young people.

Fashion firm torn off a strip in teenage sex row

IT IS a fashion bible for teenagers across the country.However, Jack Wills, the high street clothing brand, has been forced to pull "overtly sexual" images featuring semi-naked girls from its spring catalogue.

Ad revenues and price hikes driving Cineworld

Soaring advertising revenues and higher ticket prices helped cinema operator Cineworld grow revenues and profit despite admissions falling last year.

Brand new TV: What are the implications of product placement in our favourite programmes?

From Monday UK broadcasters can charge firms to feature their products in some of our favourite TV programmes. Our reporter looks at the implications

University backs down on £10m PR contract row

GLASGOW University has been forced into a U-turn after a row broke out over the conditions it attached to a PR contract which discriminated against Scottish communications firms.

Uni under attack over 'insane' PR contract that excludes Scots

GLASGOW University stands accused of discriminating against Scottish PR firms by attaching "insane" conditions to a communications contract worth in excess of £300,000.

Logo signals product placement

Television channels will broadcast a logo for three seconds at the start and end of programmes which have been paid to feature products.

Watchdog to allow product placement on UK television

PRODUCT placement will be allowed on British television programmes for the first time from the start of next year, media watchdog Ofcom said yesterday.

Charity uses Jesus scan in Christmas ad campaign

Posters featuring a "baby scan" of Jesus with a halo are to appear at bus stops and on billboards to remind people of the real message of Christmas.

Car ads 'not racist about Germany'

TWO adverts for a Nissan car attracted 32 complaints that it was offensive and racist towards Germans, the advertising watchdog said yesterday.

Beyonce perfume ad 'too raunchy'

AN ADVERT promoting singer Beyonce's perfume has been banned from daytime television after being ruled unsuitable for young children.

Newspaper group's fears over government cuts

TRINITY Mirror saw a 6 per cent decline in advertising at its national titles in September amid concerns over government spending cuts.

Baby milk advert banned over claims

AN ADVERTISING campaign for baby milk has been banned for claiming the product helps to develop the brain and nervous system of young children.

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