Adding fluoride to the water supply

Adding fluoride to the water supply

Health chief calls for fluoride to be added to water

ONE of Edinburgh's leading dental experts today warned that children will continue to be "blighted" by tooth decay unless fluoride is added to the Lothian water supply.

Why putting fluoride in the water makes so much sense

ALTHOUGH fluoride is toxic at high concentrations, fluorine is a trace element naturally present in the diet which is essential for the formation of healthy bones and teeth, and resistance to dental caries is substantially reduced in children whose intake is inadequate at the stage of enamel formation.

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McConnell says no to fluoride bid

FIRST Minister Jack McConnell has ruled out adding fluoride to Scotland’s drinking water.

No to fluoride

THE First Minister yesterday ruled out adding fluoride to drinking water.

Executive pulls plug on fluoride in water

• Better targeted dental services preferred

Fluoride fears flare over delay in health study

THE Scottish Executive is being pressed to release the findings of a consultation exercise on the health of children’s teeth amid concern over the possibility of adding fluoride to the water supply.

MPs back local flouride power

MPS have backed moves to let local communities decide whether to have fluoride added to their tap water.

Cards back fluoride

A HARD-HITTING postcard campaign featuring the rotting teeth of a five-year-old was launched yesterday in an attempt to build up support for adding fluoride to water supplies.

Scots sink teeth into fluoride plan

PLANS to add fluoride to Scotland’s drinking water seem certain to be scrapped after they sparked a massive backlash from the public.

Fluoride in the water may cost too much

HEALTH experts in the Highlands want more information and a full public consultation before considering any move to put fluoride in water supplies.

ROBIN HARPER: Fight to give this plan the brush off

IN fluoridated Gateshead, dental health is no better than in unfluoridated Liverpool. Similar results have been found in the United States, New Zealand and Canada. Twelve European countries have banned water fluoridation, but this week Mary Mulligan MSP, the Deputy Health Minister, has put forward a consultation document on children’s oral health, which includes a proposal to put fluoride into all of Scotland’s drinking water.

Fluoride plan for Scotland under the microscope

A PROPOSAL to add fluoride to Scotland’s drinking water was going to consultation today.

No decision on fluoride yet

MINISTERS will reignite the controversy on adding fluoride to Scotland’s drinking water tomorrow with the launch of new proposals in a bid to tackle the country’s appalling dental health record.

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