Ruling on foetal pain reignites abortion law debate

THE authors of a government-commissioned report were challenged to a debate last night over their findings that a foetus cannot feel pain before the age of 24 weeks.

36 abortions every day in Scotland

THE number of women having abortions in Scotland has fallen for the first time in seven years, new Scottish Government figures have revealed.

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Tiffany Jenkins: Confronting abortion's taboo status is a an absolute must

ONE in three women will have an abortion before they are 45, says Marie Stopes. Out of all the women you know, one third have had, or will have, a pregnancy terminated. Given that you are acquainted with so many people who have considered a termination, or who have had one, ask yourself: how did they go ahead with it? Who did they turn to to talk it through?

First TV abortion advert to 'confront the taboo'

THE first UK television commercial for abortion services will be screened next week, it was announced today.

TV advert for abortion to be broadcast within days

THE first UK television commercial for abortion services will be screened next week, it has been announced.

Letters: Life enhancing

My "Portillo Moment" on election night was the sticky demise of the nauseating Evan Harris, "Doctor Death," the Member for Abortion and Euthanasia Central, a result that had thousands of pro-lifers punching the air and shouting: "Yes, there is a God."

United States

A MAN killed an anti-abortion protester outside a US high school because he didn't like the activist holding a sign with graphic images of a foetus in front of students.

95 abortions carried out on girls aged 14 or under

ABORTIONS were carried out on nearly 100 girls aged 14 or younger last year, figures revealed today.

Scotland's abortion figures buck falling UK trend to hit record high

THE number of abortions carried out in Scotland hit record levels last year – despite a fall in other parts of the UK, figures showed yesterday.

More mothers reject abortion to have babies with Down's syndrome

MORE babies are being born with Down's syndrome than before pre-natal screening for the disorder was introduced at the end of the 1980s, it was revealed yesterday.

Scotland to get first private abortion clinic

SCOTLAND is to get its first private clinic specialising in "late-term" abortions because the NHS cannot cope with the hundreds of women requesting the controversial procedure.

Glasgow East by-election: Abortion and embryo controversies back in spotlight for final days of campaign

CATHOLIC churches are alerting parishioners to the views of the Glasgow East by-election candidates on abortion and embryo research days before they go to the polls.

Doctors reject plan to force them to reveal beliefs on abortion

DOCTORS should not have to reveal, in leaflets and posters, whether they oppose abortion, medics said yesterday.

MP bids to outlaw abortions for club foot or cleft palate

ABORTIONS carried out because babies have a club foot or cleft palate could be banned under plans to be put before MPs later this month.

Abortion on demand will be our most shameful decision

MPs are about to consider proposals which would permit abortion on demand up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Here, Cardinal Keith O'Brien makes an impassioned plea against that move, warning Britain risks sleepwalking into a decision that runs contrary to the values of our society.

70% of women wanting abortion to be treated by week nine of pregnancy

WOMEN who want abortions will be guaranteed treatment within nine weeks of becoming pregnant under controversial new healthcare standards.

Abortions in Scotland soar to record high with 38 performed every day

SCOTLAND saw a record number of abortions last year, with new figures showing a continuing rise since Britain legalised the practice in 1968.

Demand for change as Lothians abortion rate hits 50 a week

THE number of women having abortions in the Lothians has reached record levels, with 50 taking place every week.

Anti-abortion groups vow to keep fighting

PRO-LIFE campaigners have vowed to resume their fight to cut the time limit for abortions after the next election.

Campaigners to fight on as MPs reject abortion limit cut

THE fight for lower abortion limits will continue, campaigners vowed today, after accusing MPs of ignoring overwhelming public opinion by rejecting a cut from 24 weeks.

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