7:84 Theatre Company

7:84 Theatre Company

MSPs set to question arts council over axeing funding

MSPs yesterday agreed to ask arts council bosses to explain why they are ending funding for one of Scotland's best-known theatre companies.

Anger after arts groups' cash prop is withdrawn

THE political theatre company 7:84 said it would be forced to close in a matter of months yesterday after the Scottish Arts Council moved to end its annual funding.

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Taken for granted

So, here we go again. Another announcement from the Scottish Arts Council on the divvying up of its limited resources, another round of celebrations and recriminations for the winners and losers in the great game we call arts funding. We are locked, it seems, into an ever-turning carousel of cheers and tears.

Reasons to be cheerful

The way Lorenzo Mele tells it, he’s just got his dream job.

7:84 faces its final curtain as grant is cut

THE FUTURE of one of Scotland’s longest-established theatre companies was under serious threat last night as the Scottish Arts Council said it would no longer guarantee the group’s £200,000 annual grant.


Gilt ****


Money makes the world go round, or so people have been saying for years, but then there are the dreamers who swear that all you need is love, and others who claim that it’s probably a bit of both... 7:84’s new piece of political theatre depicts a world in which they are inextricably linked, based around the lives of seven characters whose experiences thread in and out of each other.

A Gilt-edged opportunity

The makers of 7:84 theatre company’s new play hope that at least one person will come up at the end and ask to meet the playwright - just to see what will happen. Gilt has not one author but three, and four of Scotland’s most promising playwrights have been involved in making it.

Community spirit

It Is Done ***

Italian farce to be reckoned with

SCOTLAND’S touring political theatre company, 7:84, hasn’t had its troubles to seek of late. Without a permanent artistic director, it has suffered something of a loss of form. Its productions have often lacked the robustness which is essential to good political theatre.

THEATRE: Across the fear barrier

IT’S a bright June evening at the Kinfauns Centre in Drumchapel and an audience is gathering to watch the latest show brought to them by their old friends, the 7:84 Scotland theatre company.

A night to remember

When I was three, 7:84 was invited to tour Moscow, Tblisi and what was then called Leningrad.

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