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Heather Reid on Reporting Scotland

Heather Reid is optimistic about future of science education

‘Heather the Weather’ spent 15 years greeting the nation with her trademark “Hello there” as Reporting Scotland’s effervescent meteorologist.

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Minnie Watson with pupils at the Scottish Christian Mission.

The Dundonian who became the “queen” of Kenya

Dundee woman Minnie Watson was hailed the “queen” of Christian Kenya after travelling deep into East Africa during the late 19th century. Read more

Jessie Mann.

Jessie Mann: The first ever female photographer?

IT is strongly believed that Jessie Mann from Perth is the first woman photographer.

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Robert Watson-Watt

Robert Watson-Watt: Scotland’s top secret war hero

Compared to the true grit of pilots who flew during the Battle of Britain, accounts of Robert Watson-Watt barely appear as a blip on the radar in the history of aerial warfare. Read more


The women who shaped Scotch whisky: Elizabeth “Bessie” Williamson

The recent upsurge in women taking prominent roles in the Scotch whisky industry may seem like a new thing, but without the pioneering work of women like Elizabeth “Bessie” Williamson, the industry may not have become as successful as it is now, especially on a small corner of Islay.

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John Lambie looks ahead to the Christmas period as he temporarily takes charge of Partick Thistle

13 of the greatest Scottish football quotes

Footballers and managers often go out of their way to say nothing of interest at all when speaking to the media. Thankfully, every now and then they come out with some tremendous quotes, which can often live on with their legacies. Here is just a small collection of the best ones from throughout the years.

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Edna Neillis: The forgotten pioneer of women’s football

Notable figures from the past can often find themselves airbrushed from history, as their achievements and successes fade and disappear from the collective conscious of the wider public. Sometimes there is rationale, often it’s a complete mystery. For there’s little reason to explain why Edna Neillis remains absent from the Scottish football hall of fame, particularly when you consider her friend and fellow pioneer Rose Reilly has already been granted induction.

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Remarkable stories of great Scottish explorers


From the 18th century to the present day, Scotland has produced some truly remarkable explorers. Whether exploring the deserts of Africa or the icy wastes of Antarctica, these men and women have not been afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

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Richard Gray, chief executive of Scotgold Resources

Richard Gray: Bringing Scottish gold to the market

Gold production has the potential to become a “significant industrial sector and generator of employment in Scotland”, says mining industry veteran Richard Gray.

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Frances Wright, c1825

Frances Wright: Dundee-born radical who challenged slavery

FRANCES Wright was a woman of firsts; a true pioneer whose progressive, free-thinking attitude, desire to abolish slavery and relentless campaigning for social equality, proved she was decades ahead of her time.

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10 quotes about Scottish family

Family is a vital part of Scottish identity – from ancestors, to spouses, to children. There are a whole host of Scottish proverbs and quotations which reflect the trials and the joys of family life. Here are ten of our favourite Scottish sayings which relate to brides, bairns and forebears.

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The island of Rum on Scotland's west coast.

10 inspirational quotes about Scottish travel

There have been many distinguished visitors to Scotland over the centuries who have fallen in love with the country’s unique landscape and character.

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On the edge of Loch Lomond, Dan catches sight of Venus

Dan Bell is vlogging the road less travelled on his bike

Adventurous photographer Dan Bell is exploring Scotland’s great outdoors in a new series of Facebook vlogs, discovering the journey is just as important as the destination.

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Man utd manager Sir Alex Ferguson (right) with his former captain at Aberdeen, Willie Miller.

Greatest voices in Aberdeen FC history

Scotland’s third most successful club have had a plethora of iconic characters walking through the door at Pittodrie throughout the years. We pick a selection of the most influential.

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Alessandro holds his first Vainglory title

Teenage esports star at forefront of competitive gaming

Professional gamer Alessandro ‘Palmatoro’ Palmarini has three European Championship titles under his belt and the 17-year-old hasn’t even left school. Read more

10-08-13PW. alexander mccall smith001 (1)

Alexander McCall Smith: My 5 favourite places in Scotland

Alexander McCall Smith was born in Southern Rhodesia in 1948 and first moved to Scotland to study at the University of Edinburgh. After spells living in Northern Ireland and Botswana, he settled in the capital in 1984. Read more

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 16.20.59

Thomas Dewar: A lesson in whisky advertising

Dewar’s scotch has long been one of the most recognisable brands in the whisky world. Crack open a bottle and your palate finds itself at the epicentre of the Scottish flavour map. Read more

Sophia Jex Blake.  The first females to be admitted on a degree programme at any British university are to have a plaque installed in recognition of their contributions.  See CENTRE PRESS story CPPLAQUE.  A plaque was unveiled at Edinburgh University, where the women, known as the Edinburgh seven, matriculated to study medicine in 1869.  They are one of eight historical groups or figures to be recognised by the Historic Scotland commemorative scheme, which is now its fourth year.

The Edinburgh Seven: the first female students

In 1869, a group of seven women made history. The “Edinburgh Seven” were the first female undergraduates to matriculate at a British university.

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Jennie Lee with a copy of her book My Life with Nye in November 1981.

Jennie Lee: From miner’s daughter to trailblazing MP

When Jennie Lee was born in the Fife pit village of Lochgelly in 1904, the chances of her growing up to become an MP were zero. Although her father and grandfather, both miners, were politically active, there was one seemingly insurmountable barrier to a career in politics – women did not have the vote and could not stand for election. Read more

Jimmy Reid addresses a mass meeting of the Upper Clyde Shipyards at Clydebank, July 1971.

Jimmy Reid: The Clyde-built union leader

There was a moment in the life of trade unionist Jimmy Reid that may help sum up the man for others.

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Robbie Coltrane. Picture: Getty

Robbie Coltrane : larger than Life star with powerful legacy

He is the dominating presence that has brought characters to life with such vigour that they feel as if they are going to come through the screen.

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Portrait of Sir Walter Scott by Sir Henry Raeburn, 1822. Picture: Contributed

Sir Walter Scott: The man who ‘invented’ Scotland

SIR Walter Scott is often credited with single-handedly inventing Scotland’s national image. The closer you inspect his legacy, the more water this bold claim holds.

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Iain Banks. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Shape of Iain Banks’ legacy still to be defined

Iain Banks’ contribution to the Scottish literary scene over the past few decades was immeasurable.

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Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin by chance

Alexander Fleming: Everyman who saved millions

Consider how many lives Alexander Fleming has saved with the discovery of penicillin. Most people return from a vacation to a stack of mail; Fleming returned to a universal miracle cure for infection. Read more

WEST BROMWICH, ENGLAND - MAY 19:  Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson applauds the crowd after his 1,500th and final match in charge of the club following the Barclays Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and Manchester United at The Hawthorns on May 19, 2013 in West Bromwich, England.  (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Seven of the best quotes from Sir Alex Ferguson

You can’t win 49 trophies and finish your career regarded as one of the greatest football managers of all time without saying a few interesting things along the way. So without further introduction, here are the seven most memorable quotes from legendary Scottish football figure Sir Alex Ferguson.

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My favourite Scottish produce: Jak O’Donnell

Jak O’Donnell, the Glasgow-based Chef/Patron of  The Sisters Restaurants, has chosen Scottish seafood as her favourite produce.

Here, she explains why and provides us with a recipe for Scottish hake fillet, Shetland mussels, Mull scallops & lobster cream sauce, showcasing the versatility of Scotland’s wonderful seafood.

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My favourite Scottish produce: Mark Greenaway

Mark Greenaway is the Edinburgh-based chef and owner of Restaurant Mark Greenaway and the author of ‘Perceptions‘. He has chosen Hebridean Sea Salt why as his favourite Scottish produce, and here he explains why and provided us with a recipe for salted caramel chocolate bars showcasing the excellent versatility of this wonderful product.

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William Wallace

A brief history of William Wallace

Despite his status as one of the most well-known figures in Scottish history, there are still elements of William Wallace’s life that remain shrouded in mystery.

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Jackie Waring, chief executive of Investing Women

Jackie Waring: Investing in female entrepreneurs

The success of female entrepreneurs is vital, Jackie Waring argues, not only in terms of promoting gender equality but also to benefit the wider economy.

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Larbert-born James Bruce is credited with discovering the source of the Nile. Picture: Contributed

James Bruce: The man who discovered the source of the Nile

FORGET for a moment the exploits of David Livingstone, the discoveries of Mungo Park, or the escapades of Indiana Jones’ dad; James “Abyssinian” Bruce was the original Scots explorer.

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