2002 Galician oil spill

2002 Galician oil spill

Spain sues ABS over oil tanker

SPAIN has filed a $5 billion (£3 billion) law suit against the American Bureau of Shipping, alleging the maritime group failed to ensure that the oil tanker Prestige was seaworthy.

Turning on the black tide

Revolutions start in the aftermath of wars. War might appear to be a melodramatic word to use to describe the clean-up operation in north-western Spain after the black tide of fuel spilled from the wreck of the tanker Prestige two months ago, but it can seem like the most appropriate analogy for Galician communities fighting every day to preserve their future livelihoods.

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Oily future

THOUSANDS more tonnes of fuel will eventually spill from the wreck of the oil tanker Prestige which sank off the Spanish coast, according to a report published yesterday.

Coast of Death lives up to its name

SINCE the age of ten, Candido Marcos de Santiago has risked his life fishing for percebes, or goose barnacles, on the Costa da Morte - the Coast of Death.

Prestige still leaking oil

UP TO 125 tonnes of fuel oil are leaking from the sunken tanker Prestige every day, threatening further damage to the coastline of north-west Spain, officials said yesterday.

3-year alert over oil tanker leaks

AN oil tanker which broke in two and sank off the north-western coast of Spain is spewing out 33,000 gallons of oil a day - and could continue to do so for the next three years, the head of a Spanish scientific commission has said.

Pope backs fight against oilspill

POPE John Paul appealed yesterday for a concerted effort to overcome the "serious catastrophe" afflicting northern Spain following the sinking of a tanker and release of tonnes of oil.

Spain's fishermen fear new slick

SPANISH fishermen were last night bracing themselves for economic ruin after another vast oil slick from the sunken Prestige threatened to hit the beaches.

Giant oil slick threat to Spain's coastline

CLEAN-UP ships and fishermen battled to protect Spanish beaches from a huge new wave of fuel oil heading towards the north-west coast from the sunken tanker Prestige yesterday.

Tankers risk island spill by flouting rules

ONE in 10 oil tankers using a major shipping lane off the west coast of Scotland is ignoring safety advice designed to prevent an environmental catastrophe, coastguards have revealed.

Portugal blamed for loss of tanker

THE stricken oil tanker Prestige snapped in two because it was forced to turn around too quickly by a Portuguese warship, a German news magazine yesterday.

Fresh stretches of coast tarred by oil sludge

MORE sludge from the major oil spill from the tanker Prestige washed ashore yesterday, tarring new stretches of north-west Spain’s coastline.

Tanker's toxic time-bomb on sea bed

THE oil tanker Prestige appeared to be holding on to its cargo of toxic fuel oil yesterday after breaking into two pieces and sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Rare migrating seabirds at risk

BIRDS and oil do not mix. Oil coats feathers, ruining their waterproofing and insulation and causing birds to drown or die of cold. If they survive oiling, seabirds are likely to be affected from ingesting oil when preening. This can have long-term effects on breeding.

Battle to save sea as oil tanker sinks

OIL salvage workers were today hoping to avert a major ecological disaster after the stricken tanker Prestige finally sank in the Atlantic.

On a voyage to nowhere with a catastrophe waiting to happen

AS THE Prestige steamed out of the Latvian port of Ventspils just over two weeks ago, the multinational crew on board the massive oil tanker did not even know where they were heading.

Lagoons rich in wildlife and local fishermen bear brunt of disaster

A BEDRAGGLED razorbill, its entire body covered with sticky fuel oil, still has enough strength to peck indignantly at green-coated Spanish vets trying to clean some of the pollution from its feathers.

Europe fears world's worst oil spill

FEARS of an environmental disaster were mounting last night after the stricken tanker Prestige sank 150 miles off the Spanish coast with some 60,000 tonnes of fuel oil still on board.

Pollution: sinking tanker the biggest risk

THE sinking of a stricken tanker poses the biggest risk of an environmental catastrophe, according to a leading oil spill expert.

Small spill can do a lot of damage

SCIENTISTS are divided over the long-term environmental effects of oil spills, but they agree that the volume of oil lost is not the key factor in the damage they caused.

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